My Prayer For You Tonight

My prayer for you tonight

Heavenly Father we are a mess. We have broken homes, unpaid bills, hungry tummies and hearts full of sin. We are tired. But you are the God of redemption, restoration, and revival. You alone can heal our wounds, wipe us clean, give us new life. I don’t know why you love us so much. I can’t seem to wrap my simple mind around it but I know that it is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I want to ask if you would gently lay your hand on anyone that is struggling tonight. Our struggles are all different yet hold the same weight on our hearts. Take it from us. Remove it from our shoulders. Carry it for us. We can crush underneath it from trying to boldly carry it alone or we can give it to you and be free, weightless. I choose free. Please don’t let any of my brothers or sisters lose sleep tonight with worry on their mind. Remove it from them and let them rest. Rock them gently to sleep, recharge them. In Your sweet sons name, amen.


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