Movin On Up!

My amazing sister in Christ, Amber, who I feel an extremely special bond with but have ironically never met face to face has done it again. This wonderful woman pours her heart and time out for W3 completely out of love. I tease her by calling her our tech support but she is so much more than that. She has set up our new email account so you can contact us anytime at She also set up our instagram so please find us, our user name is womenwithworth. And as if that wasn’t enough she hooked us up with our very own pinterest account…seriously I adore her. Our pinterest is also womenwithworth. She’s way ahead of me so I haven’t done much on instagram or pinterest yet but I have fun plans for it. We would love to have you. You can email us anytime for prayer request or just to chit chat. Thanks for all the support and love. Oh and can we give Amber a shout out at . Love that woman.



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