Burden Of The Sin

weight of sin

Her hand connected with the soft cheek and the sound carried all the way to my office. It was immediately followed by two screaming 6-year-old girls and one tattle tale.

Myleigh was screaming “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”
Justin was screaming “Myleigh just killed me in the face”
Bella was saying “Myleigh did it but Justin was sitting on her”

I was confused.

I truly did not want to do. This was the very first time that any of my children have ever intentionally hurt another person physically. Up until this point we have never had one of them hit another. Never.

They were soaking wet, sitting in the bathtub crying and tattling. I didn’t know which one to get out first.

The tattle tale let me know that Justin was sitting on top of Myleigh and that Myleigh had been asking Justin to get off over and over. Her patience grew short and she swung.

Unfortunately for her it made a connection on her sister cheek.

I took the tattle tale out fist, mostly because her recount of the incident over and over was getting on my nerves. She dried off and headed to her bed.

Then I got the victim out. She was still crying, mostly for added drama and not because her cheek hurt. She dried off and shuffled sadly to her bed.

Then the culprit. The perpetrator. Rocky.

She had not stopped crying “I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry” since the second her hand flew at her sisters face.

This is my golden child. The do gooder. The sensitive. The one who shows more compassion than the rest of the family put together.

She was more shocked at her actions than I was and she couldn’t pull herself together.

We sat down and talked about not hurting other people and that we never, under any circumstances, physically hurt someone.

I told her that I forgave her and that we all make mistakes. It was okay and we were going to move on.

Except for her.

She kept crying and saying how sorry she was. She hugged her sister and told her that she loved her. She came into our room several times after bedtime to tell us that she is sorry and that she loves Justin.

We reminded her again that we had forgiven her.

When she woke up the next day, she was sorry some more.

We carry the burden of our sins around with us.
We let them weigh us down like bricks tied to our feet.
We repent for the same sin over and over.
We remind our victim that we are sorry for the hurt.
We beg for forgiveness more than once.

We don’t have to.

God forgives us of our sins the moment we ask for it. It is gone the instant we go to Him in prayer. We are wiped clean by the blood of His son. It’s a done deal. No reason to carry it.

Our cries are heard long before they even leave our lips.

He knows you. He knows your sins.
He loves you. He forgives you.

He doesn’t want our sin to cripple our life or even our day. He wants us to hand it over to Him and let it go so that we can live the kind of life that He intended for us.


Let go of the sin. It is forgiven by King of Kings. You don’t even own it anymore so why is it still in your hands?

And if you think that’s hard to do, now look at the one who hurt you and understand that the sin is no longer theirs.

Let’s Pray

Forgiving Father thank you for taking our sins away and making it so easy for us. All it takes is acceptance. Acceptance of Your Son as our Savior. It seems like a no brainer to me. Help us to hand over the sins that we are carrying and remind us that they no longer belong to us. You are the Great Redeemer and by Your Son we are forgiven. Lord if there is anyone who’s eyes are focused on these words that has not accepted You as their Lord and Savior please fill their hearts with the Holy Spirit right now. Give them the gift of everlasting life, peace, forgiveness, love and faith. In Jesus name, amen

While I was talking to Myleigh about not hurting her sisters I asked her if it says in the bible that we should hit other people. She told me that she would have to look it up.

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