A Flower By Any Other Name…


When I got home from work yesterday there was a beautiful flower arrangement sitting on my desk. A note sat beside it. It was a sweet reminder from my husband letting me know how much he loved me and how thankful he is for our marriage.

I’m terrible at gardening so flowers make me a little nervous.

I always feel like I am going to wake up the next morning to a dead arrangement.

I’m usually right. However I am so thankful that my husband takes the time to remind me that he loves and that he thinks about me throughout the day.

I sat down and started working. I took in the sweet smell of the flowers and cracked my blinds to let the light shine on them. They aren’t something that I would ever buy for myself and that made them even sweeter.

As I was basking in my bouquet, our oldest daughter pranced in with an arm full of pink flowers. I would love to tell you what kind but like I said, I am not a gardener and I don’t know the names of any flowers.

She held them out proudly and said “look what Billy Bob (her nickname for her stepdaddy) left on my desk”. She took in a huge wiff of the aroma that her bunch was letting off, gave me a smile and turned to head back to her room.

I thought of my husband standing in the store picking out the flowers. I melt at the thought of him picking out hers.

I wonder what our daughter was doing at the very moment her stepdaddy was thinking about her and picking out flowers to brighten her day. I know that she wasn’t thinking about what he was doing.

She turns thirteen today. Thirteen year olds don’t sit in middle school and wonder what their dad is doing. She wad probably filling in the answers to a test or gossiping at lunch.

She was clueless that her stepdaddys heart was a few miles away filed with pride for her.

Her morning will start with a reminder that for the last 8 years this man intentionally came into her life and gave his heart away to her. He intentionally stepped into a role that could only be filled by the one that God chose.

He is in her life by choice.
He loves her unconditionally.
He stands up for her against anything.
He loves her as his very own.
He is proud of her.

She will go to school and be bombarded with birthday wishes, gossip, work, tests, teachers and track. Her mind will travel from one subject to another. She might not think about him or she might think about him all day but the flowers will remain on her desk so that when she gets home she can know that she was on his heart all day long.

I travel throughout my day and fight off whatever comes for me. I drink in the pleasures of the day and do my best to spit out the bad. Sometimes, well most of the time, I get so caught up in myself that I forget to think about my heavenly Father.

I get consumed by earthly things and neglect to stop and remember the one who never forgets me.

He is in me life by choice.
He loves me unconditionally.
He stands up for me against anything.
He loves me as his very own.
He is proud of me.

I will set about my day today and find myself filled with all the things that I find important. I may or may not stop to give Him thanks and remind myself of His love for me. But He will be thinking about me every second of the day and well into my sleep tonight.

When I get home and see the magnificent colors in the vase on my desk and inhale the aroma that has filled the room, I will be reminded of the wonders that He creates and that while He is molding the gifts with His very own hands, He will be thinking about me.

Our amazing Father’s love is never put on pause.
It never tires.
It never fades.
It never forgets.

We are always on our Fathers heart.

While we are busting through our day He is picking out the flowers that He thinks you will find breathtaking so that He can put them in your life as a reminder of His love for you.

Let’s Pray

Awesome Father thank you for writing our name in the palm of your hand and for never forgetting about us. Helps us to smell the sweet flowers today and to not get so caught up in earthly things that we forget to praise the One who made us. In Jesus name, amen.

The very first time my daughter and husband met each other she asked him what his name was. As a joke he said Billy (not his name). She said “Oh, like Billy Bob”. He replied “sure”. She has been calling him that ever since. At one point my family thought that I was dating two different men because my daughter kept telling them that I was with Billy Bob.

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