My Prayer For You Tonight

A prayer for you

Heavenly Father thank you for loving us and never leaving us. When we feel lonely, scared and anxious you are still there, waiting for us to focus on you. Help us to remain faithful in trusting in Your will for us. No matter what we are going through Your hands are always on us. Some of us are facing illness, some are facing struggles in our marriages, some are facing droughts in our bank accounts and some are facing employment issues. Whatever it is that we are facing let us boldly stand in front of it and confidently confess You as our Lord and Savior. If You are for us then there is nothing that can stand against us. Let the sound of Your name leave our lips in such a way that it crushes the enemy. When we lay our heads down to sleep tonight let us fall asleep quickly and wake up tomorrow with a prayer before our feet hit the floor. In Jesus name, amen.

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