Wash You Hands

wash your hands 1

We had a tummy bug sneak into our home last week and it slowly started to pollute my family. It started with our youngest triplet Bella.

She couldn’t keep a single thing down. We couldn’t even get a sip of water to stay with her. She was so lethargic and wiped out that she couldn’t pick her head up. She ended up in the emergency room due to dehydration. After some amazing medicine and yummy Popsicles, she was allowed to come home.

We tried to keep the other girls away from her while she was  sick but it was next to impossible.

Our other two triplets stayed in the living room but couldn’t help themselves to come check on their sister every once in a while. They all sleep in the same room so we couldn’t completely keep the germs confined to one place.

Sure enough, at 4 am in the morning last Wednesday our middle triplet ran in to our room yelling “Sound the alarm, sound the alarm, Myleigh’s throwing up!”.

Oh great.

And so our day began.

We had three little 6 year old girls with the worst tummy bugs that I have ever seen. We ended up getting admitted into hospital for three days in a room with two beds  filled with our little girls hooked up to IVs

It’s crazy how fast the roto virus, tummy bug, illness, whatever you want to call it, can spread.
One little girl picked it up from somewhere outside and then brought it home with her. She played with her sisters, shared a bathroom and bedroom with them and passed on that nasty little bug. In no time at all they were all contaminated.

Over and over we washed our hands trying to keep it away from us and keep it contained as much as possible.

The same thing happens in our lives all of the time.

A friend calls to gossip and you join in.
It starts to feel good to put others down in an effort to build yourself up.
You end up at a bar instead of going home.
The lure of a temptress puts you in a bed that is not your own.
You judge instead of pray.

It can happen without us knowing it but we can slowly poison ourselves with things that are not of Christ.
Something can come into our lives and contaminate us without us realizing that it is happening.
Once we have it, we spread it. We gossip the gossip that was given to us. We lay with the temptress and justify that it’s okay. We order another drink and call it our last one, knowing that it’s not. We stand firmly judging anthers choice instead of kneeling and praying about it.

It can spread throughout us like a tummy bug around little girls.

We have to remember to wash our hands over and over in an effort to contain it and not let it takes us over. We have to pray nonstop to keep the devil from polluting us. We have to surround ourselves with things that are of Christ and that bring us closer to him.

We have to be vigilant in our walk with Christ. It can be  hard to recognize thing that want to pull us down so we must keep our eye focused on the Lord.

One of my favorite verses reminds us of this.

“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.” Psalms 1:1

God is telling us to make sure that we don’t swap germs with those who do not have their eyes focused on Him.
Be weary of those who want to poison you with gossip.
Steer clear of the one who tempts you with sin.

The moment that we touch it, it will spread through our lives in a way that will dehydrate us. We will eventually find ourselves with a faith IV in a desperate attempt to get ourselves back to the way we were before the sin bug infested our lives.

Focus on our Father.

Pray constantly.

Wash your hands.

Let’s pray

Merciful Father thank you for allowing us to speak to you through prayer and never leaving us when are tempted with things that are not of You. Help us to stand firm in our faith when the devil tries to fill us with viruses that make us weak and sick. Fill us with faith so strong that we are able to walk away and not stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.  In Jesus name, amen

While my daughters were home laying in their beds very sick I heard my little Justin screaming in pain from vomiting so much. I ran in the there and asked if she was okay. She yelled back to me “Yes, Go! Save yourself!”.  I adore that little girl.

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