Every morning we get to go into our back-office on our facebook page and see where all of our visitors are from. It gives us a list of the top 20 cities, countries and languages where our visitors are coming from and how many times they have visited over the last two weeks. Check out this weeks! Obviously we live in Texas. Are we blessed or what! If you haven’t already checked us out on facebook then head on over there

Thanks for all of the support. Our cup runneth over!

2,600- San Antonio, TX

326- Lubbock, TX

279- Houston, TX

222- Austin, TX

220- Dallas, TX

219- San José, San Jose, Costa Rica

150- Hondo, TX

134- El Paso, TX

122- Abilene, TX

100- New York, NY

92- Amarillo, TX

90- Raleigh, NC

90- Boerne, TX

84- Atlanta, TX

82- Atlanta, GA

80- Scurry, TX

79- New Braunfels, TX

79- Andrews, TX

78- Claremore, OK

72- Tulsa, OK

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