Good Night Prayer

Hold on, don’t go to sleep yet. I want to pray for you.

God, sometimes we sit and wait and wait and wait. We pray with all of our heart and have complete faith that you will provide, protect and heal but we still wait. That’s the hardest part for us. I want to ask you tonight to please help us rest in you and your timing. Gently remind us that you have a wonderful plan for us and that you do everything for a reason, even if it means that we have to wait. Help us to understand that our wants might not necessarily be our needs and that is for you to decide. Have mercy on us when we get frustrated, hurt and even angry that things are not as we had planned. Your plan is so much greater than ours. Father, if there is anyone tonight that has a heavy heart and feels like there is no hope will you please wrap your loving arms around them and remind them how loved they truly are. Softly whisper their ear that it is going to be okay because in your eyes they are worth more than precious jewels. You are the Healer and the Redeemer, let us rest in that tonight. In your awesome sons great name, amen.



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