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When I was in middle school the boys would ask the girls to “go with them”. Just like that, you were boyfriend and girlfriend. We never really hung out or even talked. Eventually we would just break up for no real reason.

We didn’t have facebook, twitter or instagram to profess our love or argue with each other.

We had three-way calling, a swatch watch phone that had two receivers and call waiting. It was amazing how much we could accomplish with just that.

I can’t imagine how hard it would have been if there had been social online networking to worry about.

It’s actually pretty sad for the kids these days. It breaks my heart to see kids as young as fourth and fifth grade on social sites talking about their boyfriend/girlfriend. Some have even filled their status update as “in a relationship”. In a relationship, really?

These are just kids. I think we have done them a terrible disservice  by being so nonchalant about it, even thinking that its cute. A relationship of that nature is between adults, not elementary aged kids. We need to slow down their growing up, not speed up the process. The world has it’s hand in rushing our children into adulthood, it’s our responsibility to let them, and teach them, to be kids for as long as they can. Once they get away from it, they can never get it back.

They should be outside running around with their friends, not updating their relationship status on facebook, twitter and instagram.

And so much for purity and anonymity. Everyone knows what Susie and Johnny are doing because they are allowed to post it for everyone to see.

These are kids, elementary aged kids! Middle school kids! KIDS.

We have been lucky in our home. Our thirteen year old daughter has yet to have a boyfriend. Anytime a boy asks her to “go” with him she always tells us that it’s pointless. She said that eventually they will just have to break up and that would be awkward.

We talk to her about praying for her future husband and talk to her about not hurting his feelings.


Yep. We talk to her all the time about her future husband.  When she tells us about boys and girls kissing, breaking up, making up and fighting over each other, we always ask her how their husbands and wives will feel about it. We remind her that she should save all of her firsts for the one that God designed for her.

Maybe she’s already met him or maybe he won’t come into her life for many many years but when he gets here we want him to be proud of her. We want her to have respected him all these years and him respected her. We want her to experience as many first with him as possible.

We aren’t naive enough to think that she won’t have a boyfriend until she’s married and that she will save her first kiss for him but we can instill the importance of her husbands feelings in her as much as possible.

We can take back our kids.

We can’t completely shield them from everything the world wants to tempt them with but we can instill family values and morals in them while they are safe in our homes and pray that they are strong enough to take them with them when they leave. We can remind them that it’s ok to be a kid. We can tell them the great responsibilities that come with being an adult. We can show them that romantic based relationships should be saved for adulthood and for now it’s fine just being friends.

We have to pray for our children, their spouses and their children. We have to pray for our younger generations every single day. It’s our job to be role models for them and teach them how to raise up a generation.  They are looking at us to guide them.

How they react to the pressures outside of our homes depends on the foundation we build for them inside our homes.

Let’s  take our kids back and let them be kids.

Who wants to meet me at Chuck E Cheese’s for lunch?

Let’s pray

Loving Father show us how to build our foundations on solid ground so that when our children venture outside of our homes they take with them the morals that you have set in place. Thank you for the children that you allow us to raise for you. Please continue to be our guide while we raise them to become young adults.  Help us to set positive and loving examples for them each day. In Jesus name, amen.

One night when we were leaving an event at our daughters school two boys began to flirt with her. She tried to rush me to the car knowing that I love to embarrass her. I asked the boys if Stiles had told them that I knew many ninja moves. As Stiles pulled me to the car with everything that she had, I gave the boys my best ninja moves. The next day one of the boys asked her to “go” with him. WHAT! I was sure my ninja moves had scared him off.

One thought on “status update

  1. I don’t think children should have a relationship status. I don’t think that most things that children say to each other should be read by others. My kids have yet to have a boyfriend/girlfriend that I’m aware of, which is just fine. I didn’t in middle school. Still, the publicizing of those who do has an effect. When my girls talk about the girls who have boyfriends and the ones who’ve had boyfriends for a long time, I often respond, “Oh whatever. What are they gonna do, get married?” Then my kids laugh, because really it’s just practicing social skills, having fun and shouldn’t be “Facebook Official”. I feel badly for the kids who have to endure an official, publicized break up.

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