God glasses

god glasses

We took the triplets to the eye doctor last week. I’m embarrassed to say that it is the first time that they have ever been and they are 6 years old. Honestly they have never complained about not being able to see, never squinted when reading and never complained of headaches so it never crossed my mind.

Since we have vision insurance we figure we might as well use it and have them checked out.

Myleigh and Bella were champs and did everything they doctor asked. Myleigh giggled the entire time because that’s just how she is, the sweetest little girl. Bella is the leader so she wanted to make sure she did everything just right.

Then there was Justin.

It only took 2 hours to get her to cooperate.

She curled up in the fetal position in the corner and rocked herself.
She made me take her to the restroom twice.
She told the doctor she was allergic to him.
She told everyone within earshot that she could already see and she should just go home.

I finally got her to sit in my lap in the doctors chair.

As soon as the doctor put the machine over her eyes to look at the letters she said “Hey, this isn’t so bad”. She then proceeded to dance and sing for the doctor. She loved every minute of it.

The two triplets who are identical ended up having pretty bad vision and needed glasses. The fraternal triplet was 20/20 and good to go.

The ironic thing is that the fraternal, Bella, wanted glasses and the other two didn’t. Bella has been wearing fake glasses to school almost all year.

We went straight to the store and picked out two pair of pink framed glasses. One with diamonds and hearts on the side and one that “look just like mommy’s.”

Neither girl understood that they would have to wear the glasses all the time. When we left the store they asked if they could take them off. Justin fought me the most telling me that they made her body itch, she was allergic to them, and that they made her brain hurt. Myleigh told me that the kids in her class were going to make fun of her.

When we got home I told them that the only time that they could take them off was when they went to sleep.

They both opted for a nap.

The second day that they had the glasses was when they realized how much better the could see. Justin kept commenting on the texture of our floors. She could actually see the patterns. Myleigh read a book and was amazed at how big the letter were. Both of them said it felt funny to look down because of their new depth perception (my words, not theirs).

It’s kind of weird, and sad, that they have gone this far with blurry vision. They had no idea how truly beautiful things are. They were struggling through reading and didn’t know that they weren’t supposed to see  that way.

In one day, in a matter of minutes their little lives were changed. They can now see the world in a newer and better way.

It’s all up hill from here.

My life before Christ was much like my girl’s life before glasses.

A blur.

I had no idea where I was going or how I was going to get there.  I simply put one foot in front of the other and hoped for the best.

I knew that if I worked I would make money and if I made money then I could buy the things that I needed and wanted. I had friends that I loved to hang out with and confide in. My family was important and I tried my best to be a good mother.

I was always looking for a way to prove my point and if someone was trying to argue with me then I would come back full force. I could hold a grudge for weeks, months and years. I would not forgive anyone unless they begged for it. I was a me girl and everything else came second.

Then I got glasses.

God glasses.

I can see.

I finally know where I am going and it looks good.  I am filled with a desire to share my destination with anyone and everyone. If someone doesn’t know what life looks like through my new “God glasses” then I will gladly share.  My friendships mean so much more than they ever have.  The value I hold in my family went from high to priceless.

God glasses took away my need to prove myself.  I no longer feel the need to win arguments or prove my point. I can’t hold a grudge, not for a year, a month or even a day.

God glasses give me the ability to forgive the unforgivable. Even when I don’t feel like forgiving, I simply have to. I forgive those who don’t ask for it or think they need it.  My God glasses give me forgiveness and make me give out forgiveness.  I love it. It frees me.  I have nothing weighing on my heart because of it.

God glasses give me compassion for things that I never even though of before. They make me want to love the unlovable, feed the hungry, father the fatherless and support the widows. They make me second.

God glasses make it crystal clear that I have a ticket to heaven and it makes me want to spread the word.

Blurry vision? Get your God glasses today.

Let’s Pray

Gracious Father thank you for giving us a clear path to you. When we are stumbling, squinting and unable to see in front of us please grab our hand and be our guide. As we go throughout our day today remind us of what it means to be your child and help us to do our best to live up to it. Show us how to live in a way that no one can look at us without seeing you. In Jesus name, amen.

We had to get Bella a new pair of “fashion” glasses from Claires because she was so upset about not having to get real one. Justin and Myleigh begged for fake ones because they didn’t want to get the reals ones from the eye glass store. I can’t wait for the teen years!

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