A Bedtime Prayer For You

My prayer for you before you rest your head tonight.

God, would you please make dessert taste like dirt and give us an intense craving for cauliflower and broccoli. That would be cool or you could just make chocolate a health food that makes us lose weight, gain energy and clear our complexions. Am I allowed to pray for that? If not then forget I said it. Sweet Father please let us lay our heads down tonight and fall instantly to sleep. Take away all of our worries so that we can rest like sweet little babies. Please take away any self doubt that we may have and fill us with the kind of courage that you gave to David when he faced Goliath with just a sling and some stones. God, if there is anyone tonight that has a broken heart will you please wrap your loving arms around them and give them the comfort that they need. Place your hand on the shoulder of those who have a heart filled with fear. You are the Almighty Savior, Healer and Giver, help us to rest in that. Please give that whole chocolate thing some thought. In Jesus name, amen .

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