Sleep Tight Sweet Friends

Before you go to bed can I say a little prayer for you?

Loving Father thank you for this day of rest and the many blessings that you pour out on us daily. We may not always see the blessing while we are in the middle of the storm be know that you are good and faithful and that your plan for us is always better than anything we could make up on our own. Please comfort us as we try to sleep and take away any worry that will keep us up. You go before us, tomorrow is already taken care of. We know that you are with us and we have faith in that but we are only human and need you to comfort our worried hearts. Place your loving hand on us, tuck is in tight, kiss our foreheads and remind us that if you are for us then no other can be against us. Give us the faith of David, the courage of Mary and the love of Jesus. Lord there are many of us that need help letting go of hurt and many more of us that need the healing power of forgiveness. Please help each of us to conquer those things so that we can be free. In your precious sons name, amen.

5 thoughts on “Sleep Tight Sweet Friends

  1. I really needed that prayer tonight. Thank you for the post. Going through a rough time with my husband – and, I just needed to hear the words you spoke …

  2. I truly feel blessed to have found W3. It seems as when I need it, the right words and the right prayers come at the right times. Thank you so much for your prayers and comforting words. ♡

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