How Loud Are You


My oldest daughter is in 7th grade and it has been an interesting experience so far.

She is involved in as many clubs and sports as she can get into.

There is a sign language club at her school which I think is super cool. I went to the same middle school that she goes to but I don’t remember it having cool stuff like that when I was there.

She has been in the club for a year and a half now and probably couldn’t hold a very extensive conversation in sign but she does have the basics down.

There is only one deaf student in the club. He is a young man in the same grade as my daughter and they have developed a friendship over the last year. I have no idea how their conversations go and I imagine he gets a chuckle out of her attempts at signing with him.

My daughter is an extremely compassionate and kind little lady. She has a special soft spot for the special needs people because her little sister is special needs.

She is the kind of person that is the fist one to come to someones defense who can’t always defend themselves.

I adore that about her.

In middle school around valentines day the PTA (parent teacher association)  starts selling carnations. Students can buy other students carnations that will be passed out on Valentines Day.

I don’t like this practice at all. I can’t help but to think about the little boy or girl who might not get a carnation on that day. I know that there will be girls walking around with an arm full of flowers while a little girl watches with empty hands.

It breaks my heart.

I got a little nervous for my own daughter as the day rolled around. I wondered if she would be one of the girls who came home empty-handed. I worried for her little heart.

When I picked her up from school she had a few flowers in hand along with a Valentine from a friend.

After her usual 30 minute play by play of her day she told me that the young man in her grade who is deaf gave her a valentine.

She was his only valentine.

This young man who can not hear what my daughter is saying and can only judge her by her actions, chose her to give his Valentine to.

I was one proud mommy.

My little girls actions speak louder than her words and nothing could prove that more than the Valentine from a young man who can’t hear a single word she says.

I wonder about my own actions.

Would they be loud enough to receive  a Valentine from someone who can’t hear me?

We go on throughout our day saying what we want people to hear from us but do our actions exceed our words?

Many people hear us but it’s what they see that matters.

Jesus told his disciples to leave everything that they had, including family, and follow him.  He didn’t tell them to go home and tell everyone that they met Jesus, that is was super cool and that from now on they would all say prayers and love the Lord.


Jesus wanted their actions to show the world what it meant to be a believer in Christ. They had to follow him. They had to physically set the example of what it meant to be a follower of Christ. It wasn’t enough to just talk about it, they had to put their feet in motion.

That’s a little intimidating. We can talk about our love for the Lord all day long. We can tell everyone how committed we are to our faith but until we actually move on it, it is worthless.

We have to set our faith in motion. We need to go out and be disciples. We are required by Christ to be his hands a feet.

You can’t do that sitting down.

Chit chat is nice and safe but it’s time to get our feet dirty.

Are your actions louder than your words?

At the end of the day will you be holding a Valentine from someone who couldn’t hear a single thing that you said?

Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father teach us how to walk the path that you have carved for us and to set an example for all the eyes that watch us. Help us to act in a way that brings people to you. Live through us in such a way that when others look at us they can’t help but to see you. In Jesus name, amen.

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