A Shot Of Autism

Justin as Horton

The Great Debate

One of my sweet friends posted on her facebook about her concern over her two month old getting his shots. Her concern was that he was getting so many at one time. She was not against the immunizations just the amount  on one visit. She mentioned that she heard  immunizations can cause autism.

The comments started flowing.

It’s a subject that can really get people going.

There is no solid evidence of what “causes” autism but there are tons of opinions.

Some people think red dye in food cause it or has a negative effect on it.
Some people think that immunization shots cause it.
Some people think that it is hereditary.
Some people think that  environmental agents cause it.
Some people think that it is something  the mother did when she while pregnant like stress, alcohol, infection, diabetes and the list goes on and on.
Some people think that it’s a result of too much television viewing.

I could go on forever with a list of reason that have been thrown out to try to figure out why these kids have this “mental disorder”.

I respect everyone’s opinion about autism. I understand that we tend to grasp at anything that would explain why our children ended up this way.

I don’t believe any of the above reasons and here’s why.

I have triplets. Two are identical and one is fraternal. It’s a strange and rare occurrence, identical can happen to anyone and are a genetic “fluke”.  Spontaneous fraternal twins require a woman to be extra fertile.

My identical twins share the same DNA.
One of my identical twins is autistic and one is not.
All of my triplets have had their immunizations on the same day, same shots, same time, same place.
They received the exact same thing in the womb from what I ate to my level of stress to any infection that I might have had.
They’ve eaten the same thing since birth, including red dyes.
We have lived in the same house since they were born and they have attend the same schools.

If any of those things “caused” autism then all three of them would have it or at the very least her identical sister would have it.

I believe that it is a wiring in the brain issue that happens at conception and while the brain is developing but don’t take my word for it. I’m not a professional anything. I’m not a doctor. I have not spent countless hours researching autism. I have not participated in studies and I have not subjected my daughter to any testing aside from getting her diagnosis. So the only true experience that I have on autism is my daughter.

Autism Causes

I don’t know what causes autism but I do, for a fact, know what autism causes.

Autism causes belly laughs, the kind that make you lose your breath.

Autism causes cracks of sunshine on the cloudiest day.

Autism cause you to reevaluate your entire way of thinking, living and loving.

Autism cause smiles to come out of places so deep inside you that you didn’t even know they existed.

Autism causes the people around it to have compassion that melts your heart.

Autism causes friendships that you would never have thought possible.

Autism cause courage and strength in a mom that could take down a pack of wild hogs

Autism causes late night chitter chatter to spill out from your child’s room.

Autism causes a fashion sense that could take on the runway.

Autism causes a little girl to be exactly who she wants to be without fear, concern or worry.

Autism causes a family to experience the world through eyes that see beauty the rest of us could never imagine.

Autism causes a little ninjas to come out of the wood works and rally around your little girl in their best effort to give your daughter her best chance in life.

God made my little girl.
God made her autistic.
God made her exactly the way she is supposed to be.
He knitted her together in my womb with his very own hands.

She is not the result of immunizations, infections, environmental agents, red dyes, gluten, television or anything else a researcher can come up with .

She is the result of my heavenly Fathers amazing love.

I will never try to explain to her why she is different from the other kids. I will never tell her not to be herself. I will never tell her that she has a “mental disorder” or that she is in some way handicap.

I will tell her that she is Justin.
My Justin.
Daddy’s Justin.
God’s Justin
And all of those things make her the perfect Justin.

Justin is not someone who we need to fix.

Justin is someone who we need to learn from.

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