Watering The Flowers


Potting the flowers

On November 9th of 2005 I gave my husband a brown leather journal and we began to write to each other in it. We told each other about our dreams for our future together and how much we loved each other.  We wrote about our future children and our future career goals. We wrote about the things that are hearts hurt over and the people we missed.

We poured our hearts out to each other.

A year and a half  later, on Valentines Day,  my husband went to all of the places that were important to us and took pictures of flowers. He put the pictures in the journal with a note for each place.  There were flowers from the courthouse where we got married, flowers from each of the houses we lived in when we met and flowers from the restaurant where we saw each other for the very first time.

He wanted to give me flowers that would last forever and that truly meant something.

We had our lives all planned out.

And then life got in the way.

Ain’t no sunshine ain’t no rain

We left ourselves vulnerable to the devils attacks and he had his way with us.

We got so caught up in the rat race, the survival and the chaos that we stopped nourishing our marriage. We forgot to water it. We forgot let the sunlight shine on it. We forgot to set it out in the fresh spring air.

The devil grabbed a hold of our roots and wouldn’t let go.  He wanted our marriage to wither and die. He dressed himself in a flattering disguise and invaded our life together.  He attacked our bank account, our marriage, our children, our extended family, our jobs and our hearts.

He eventually pulled us into the dark and waited for us to wither away, to fall apart, to fail, to be broken into pieces. He wanted our family to be torn apart. He was desperate for a piece of us and would stop at nothing or at the price of anyone.

He failed.


While we were trapped in the devils den we realized that we had lost focus. We saw that we had been neglecting the very things that brought us together in the first place.

We had stopped nourishing our marriage and somehow expected it to survive.

We brought out the brown leather journal that we had started  many years ago and went back to see all the things that made us love each other to begin with.

There on the pages were the flowers from all of the places that meant so much to us so many years before. They were still as beautiful as the day my husband gave them to me. They were still bright and beautiful and still meant everything that they  had meant from the very beginning.  Those flowers never died and neither did our marriage.

The devil wasn’t going to win this one.

We began to water our marriage again. We set it out in the fresh spring air to soak up God’s amazing sun. We brought it back to life and this time God is taking the pictures of it and making sure that it is as beautiful tomorrow as it is today and that it will last forever and never die.

Feed Your Faith

It’s not just marriage that we have to constantly feed. Every relationship in our lives must be watered.

Our relationship with God is most important. We must open His word everyday and feed ourselves. He is the breath of life, the living water. He is our thirst quencher and our belly filler. Without a solid and growing life with Him we are sure to wither away into a meaningless nothing.

Our souls soak in His light and it heals us.  His love rains down on us and allows us to grow in Him.

We are His flowers and because of His life through us we will never fade. We will last forever. We will always be beautiful and we will always have meaning.

Water your flowers.

Let’s Pray

Gracious Father thank you for breathing life into us. Show us how to grow your garden and help keep everything beautiful. Let us always hunger for a relationship with you and to seek your word every day. Help us to never lose focus on the beautiful things that surround us  and help us to never forget to water them. In Jesus name, amen.

I have come to be very thankful for the the time that we spent in the dark and what my marriage endured. I sometimes want to thank the devil for testing us in the first place.  Everything that has happened to us brought us to where we are today and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The dark times made us realize how wonderful our light is and how much we truly love each other.  If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.  Our marriage is now a garden of beautiful flowers that will last forever.

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