he can’t touch this

Grab your sling and fill your pocket with stones. Conquer your giants today. The devil is a moron and even though he can disguise himself in the most charming and inviting ways, He’s no match for our Savior. We will crush the devil under our feet today. I dare him to come at us. He can put on lipstick and try to be seductive but he wont win. He can try to break up our family but he will fail. He can try to take our jobs, our children, our friends, our pride and our worth but he will end up in the corner crying for mercy. Our Father is the Great I Am. He’s the one who conquers giants, moves mountains, heals the sicks, breathes life, the creator of the world. If He is for us than nothing can stand against us. Nothing. Watch out you sneaky, slimy devil because our Heavenly Father goes before us. We laugh in your face. Now go on, there’s no room for you here. Our pockets are filled with stones and we carry the sling in our hands and we stand with our Lord. We are far more prepared than you will ever be.


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