Drive Thru Date


The Date

As the parents of 5 little girls my husband and I don’t always get one on one time with them. We feel stretch thin but do our best to give them as much individual attention as we possibly can. It’s not enough.

Our oldest triplet wasn’t feeling well last week so she got to stay home with her daddy. I’m not sure if she was really sick or just faking it so she could spend time with him.

My husband said that the moment the rest of us walked out the door she was already asking what they were going to do together while we were gone?

My sweet husband took great care in making her feel special while also making sure that she didn’t get any more sick than she already was.

She was desperate for him to take her to go on a lunch date but was too worn out to get out of her pajama and put on her shoes. My husband carried her to the car, in her pajamas and made it a drive thru lunch date.

She was a happy little girl.

When the rest of us got home later that day they were snuggled up on daddy’s chair watching cartoons.

My heart melted.

During the day they did the dishes, the laundry and vacuumed the house. My daughter felt special that her and her daddy had done something for the rest of us during their daddy daughter day.

She was also miraculously feeling better.

As much as we try to give all of our focus to our girls it still seems like there is never enough time in the day. But all our girls want is a few minutes of our undivided attention, just a few minutes to remind them how much they mean to us.

Dating Our Heavenly Father

I feel like we do the same thing with God.

I would love to dedicate every minute of my day to Him. I would love to praise Him nonstop. I would love to sit in constant prayer.

Sometimes I get to the end of my day and can’t remember if I stopped to talk to God. I’m pretty sure that I did but I can’t remember for sure.

I’m in my car most of the day driving to and from accounts and all I listen to is Christian radio so I know that I have been singing praise all day.

Was I just going through the motions when I sang? Was I singing from memory and not really thinking about what I was singing?

God wants me to stop, just for a few minutes and give Him my undivided attention.

He doesn’t care if it’s a drive thru lunch date or if we are hanging out doing the laundry. He wants me to feel the words to the song instead of just going through the motions. He just wants me to talk to Him, to listen to Him and to remember how special He is to my life.

Are you spending enough time with God?
Are you giving Him your undivided attention?
Are you feeling what you are singing or just going through the motions?

We get caught in the rat race of life and sucked into the stress of the day. We have work, school, appointments and deadlines. We can’t take our minds off of bills, broken hearts, sickness and loss.

Just a minute.
Give just a minute.
Stop for just a minute.
Let go for just a minute.

Spend time with your heavenly Father. Remind yourself how important He is in your life.

Let’s pray

Loving Father thank you for giving us time with the ones that we love. Help us to remember what is truly important and help us to let go of anything that keeps us from it. Remind us that you go before us and that worrying about anything and pouring ourselves into the things that consume us in a negative way is useless. You go before us. In Jesus name, amen.

The morning after our oldest triplet stayed home with daddy, our middle triplet started fake coughing and telling us that she needed to stay home with her daddy. Nice try kid.

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