Duty Calls

holding hands


Renee wrote for us again. See, now she’s just making me look lazy!. Love you sister.

My sons father and I were only married for less than two years. After our divorce his father decided to join the army and left for boot camp. Several years after that he received orders to leave for Afghanistan. Andres was still fairly young and didn’t understand that seriousness of what was about to happen, but his Dad did.

A week before his dad was to leave he asked if he could stop by and talk to me in private. Want I didn’t know until we saw one another was that he wanted to apologize.

You see he was very much aware that there was a chance that he would not come home. He wanted us to know that he loved and would always love the both of us, always.

You could imagine my surprise after four years of wondering if he had ever really loved me. I knew with no doubt that he loved his son, but me? The end of our marriage was awful.

We couldn’t speak without using harsh words. We were unable to be in the same room together without shooting daggers!

But at this very moment all the past didn’t matter.

All I saw was the sincerity in his eyes, his face. The tears easily streaming down his cheeks.

I believed him….then I apologized too.

He has been serving our country for 15 yrs and has done a total for three tours over seas, of course putting his life in arms way for all of us. But when my son and I think about it, we see him giving his life for the two of us.

Let’s Pray

Dear lord we ask that you specifically bless the married, and divorced women of our troops and the children. Even though life’s trials have pulled them apart, deep in each of these individuals hearts there is still love. Teach us to love when life is good and when life is hard. Give us the ability to put the not so horrible things aside and let the positive shine! We pray that you fill all of our hearts with truth and that we never have to live with the regret of not being able to share those last words that could changed a loved ones life.


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