true friendship


Sweet Renee wrote for us again. She is my rock. This woman knows every detail of my life inside and out and continues to love me. She has never turned her back on me or thrown out our friendship even if she disagrees with me. She is loyal. She is the perfect example of a true friend. Renee, thank you for continuing to pour your heart out for us but one of these days I’m going to force you to write the prayer 😉

Teenage Grownup

As most of you already know I had my son at a very young age and had to grow up very quickly.

My son is 18 now and going to college and raising him to be a responsible and respectful man has had its challenges. One of the things that I have instilled in him is how important it is to be a good, sincere and honest friend.

As he has gotten older we talk about a lot of adult things, and I have enjoyed when he comes to me about issues between friends and looks for my advise.
A friend of his that he has known now since middle school found out she was going to have a baby.

He came home and expressed to me how concerned he was for her and asked my advice as to how he could be supportive. You see this young lady wasn’t getting such encouraging words from her family. Her boyfriend soon was not a boyfriend anymore and she was lost and scared.

I was in her shoes at that age.

I shared my thoughts and feelings.

I told him all the things that were hard and all the things that were good. But most of all I told him how my friends made every difference in the world. Just them being there when I needed to talk or coming by to hang out with me cause I was feeling lonely.

They went to doctor appointments with me and helped shop for maternity clothes.

After my son was born they were even more supportive.

These wonderful ladies are still in our life’s today! He decided right then that was the friend he was going to be. What a great young man to step up!!
Two years later he was asked to be this little baby’s godfather! He is so proud and so amazed at the beautiful gift that God gave. Every young mother out there deserves a friend and a loyal support system. Something that I know made being a young mom every difference in the world!

Let’s Pray

Loving Father thank you for the people who you place in our lives and the friendships that you allow us. Teach us to be the kind of friend that you son was. Help us accept each others flaw and help each other through troubled times.  When the devil comes knocking, make us strong enough not to answer the door. In Jesus name, amen.

I have witnessed first hand just how amazing Renee’s son truly is. Clearly he was raised by a wonderful woman.

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