Roll Up The Window


Funky Feathers and Bulky Beaks

Right outside the city where I live is a wildlife ranch. You can drive your car through the ranch and let the animals come right up to your car so that you can feed them. I think it might be around 7 to 10 miles through the ranch but I honestly do really know.

I used to take my niece there all of the time. It was our favorite thing to do together.

Over the years we had many animal mishaps.
A goat once ate her dress.
A zebra bit my boyfriends arm almost to the point of drawing blood.
One of us may or may not have had an emergency bathroom stop out in the middle of the wildlife.
A longhorn put a dent in the side of my car in an attempt to get food out of our hands.

There is one thing at the ranch that truly terrifies me.

The Ostriches.

To start with, I really don’t like any kind of bird large or small. The way their feathers attach to their skin completely grosses me out. Ostriches are the worst. Their feathers are huge and very spread out so that you can see their skin. EEWW!

That’s not the worst part.

When you drive through the area with the Ostriches they chase you and poke their huge heads into the car. They literally take the entire bag of animal food right out of your hands. They will also peck your head with their huge nasty beaks.

We scream and laugh and then scream some more while we drive through their area. It happens every single time we go. A bag of food gets stolen, someone gets pecked with a beak and I am seriously terrified.

Why didn’t we just roll up the window?

Was it the thrill of the adventure?
Was it the adrenalin rush?
Was it a dare devil move?

I have no idea why we left the windows down.

Roll Up The Window

I put myself through the same feelings over and over in life.

I get stuck in the middle of something that isn’t healthy for me but I can’t seem to just get out.
Why don’t I just roll up the windows?

Dead end job.
Quit and find a new one.

Roll up the window.

Unhealthy relationship with a boyfriend.
Walk away and be single.

Roll up the window.

Mean friends.
Find new ones.

Roll up the window.

Harassing texts.
Block the number.

Roll up the window.

Clothes getting too tight.
Eat healthy, hit the gym

Roll up the window.

Broken spirit.
Face up to heaven.

Roll up the window.


Roll up the window.

If you’re stuck there’s a way out.
If there is something in your life that you want to change, talk to God. Ask Him for a way, His way. He has it taken care of for you. He’s just waiting for you to roll up the window and trust in Him.

The wind in your hair might not be worth the peck on the head by a giant Ostrich.

Roll up the window.

Let’s pray

Almighty Father thank you for the blanket of protection that you put on us each day. Help us to recognize the things in our lives that do not bring us closer to you and help us to let them go. Teach us how to stand strong  in your great name when the devil tries to take us down.  In Jesus name, amen.

One of my cousins got brave enough to drive through the wildlife ranch with me. He didn’t know about my secret weapon. As I drove through the Ostrich part I rolled down his window, rolled up mine and locked them. It was a long slow ride full of nasty feathers and ugly beaks for him. It was belly laughs for me.

One thought on “Roll Up The Window

  1. on a day when i really, really needed to laugh i found this. i must admit that i my have had several rather narrow escapes with ostriches myself. you don’t happen to be a redhead, do you? i love your sense of humor, and i especially liked the lesson in this story. it reminds me of the movie Facing the Giants. how easily i forget, and every time i watch it i’m reminded of the lessons i’ve let slip. like to expect rain. to believe for the impossible. to know that God can do anything if He just has a yielded vessel. thank you so very much for this wonderful post. it gave me great pleasure. kari

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