You’re Grounded.


I’m a pretty strict mom when it comes to manners and grades. My oldest daughter probably feels my wrath the most. She is the first one who has to go through everything and she is an example to her little sisters.

I go online and check her grades every day. Yes, every single day.

She knows without a doubt when I pick her up from school that i already know if an assignment hasn’t been turned. She also knows that I already know if she scored big time on a test or aced a quiz. It goes both ways.

I also get texts from her teachers letting the parents know when a test or big assignment is coming up.

My daughters know that the expectation in our house is that you complete all of your work, study and do the very best you can.

I would have been dead in the water if my mom had that kind of access to my school work when I was her age.

We also insisted on our daughters using ma’am and sir when addressing anyone. I don’t care if we are at a fast food restaurant or in the office of the CEO at my work, they have to use sir and ma’am.

If they forget, all it takes is “the look” to remind them to use their manners.

If these rules of our home are not met then there are consequences.The little girls get time outs and the our oldest gets something of great value to her taken away.

Have you ever taken away a teenagers phone? It would probably be less dramatic if we just removed one of her arms.

I don’t insist on good grades and excellent manners because I like to boss them around. I do those things because I love them.

I love my daughters more than I could ever put down in words. I would lay my life down for them. I would never put myself before them. They are my entire world.

I set expectations and rules for them because I want them to be kind, compassionate, successful adults. I won’t settle for less than they are capable of because I want to make sure that they always try their hardest in life and aim to succeed.

I don’t define success for them as has having a fat bank account. I define it as accomplishing their dreams, no matter what they might be. I define success for them as loving others without boundaries and making sure that everyone that they come in contact with knows that they are worth more than precious jewels. I define success for them as being God’s hands and feet and spending their life serving Him.

God loves us the same way.

We picture Him as a loving God.

You can go into any Christan store and see all the sweet scriptures painted on beautiful canvases and pictures of Jesus loving on children. We are constantly reminded about how much He loves and adores us.

It’s all true. He loves us immeasurably. We can’t gauge how much He loves us, it’s impossible.

He also has high expectations of us and a set of rules that He expects us to follow.

We fail, slack, murder, lie, cheat and steal.
We break the laws that He has set up for us, not because He wants to rule us with an iron fist but because He loves us and wants us to be successful, compassionate and kind.

Just like there are consequences at my home when my daughters break the rules and sin there are also consequences for our sins when we break Gods rules.

The consequence of our sins is death.

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in[a] Christ Jesus our Lord.

Umm…uh oh.

I’m a dead woman.

God is so in love with us that He actually sacrificed is very own son so that we could be forgiven of our sins, so that we could live. Jesus took on our sins for us, for you and for me.

Because of that sacrifice we aren’t struck dead when we sin (thank you!). We would all be dead.

Can you imagine taking on the entire worlds sin? Not just the sins of the people living today but everyone from here on out! That’s a ton of sin and I really don’t think that I am strong enough to do it.

Jesus is, was and always will be.

God must think we are something pretty special because as much as I love you I promise that I would not sacrifice my child for you. He checks our grades every day and pass or fail He loves us just the same.

Gods love for us goes beyond our understanding.

Let’s Pray

Merciful Father thank you for the cross. Thank you for the sacrifice of your son so that we can be forgiven of our sins. You know our deepest sins and continue to pour your love on us anyways. Help us to live our lives in a way that glorifies you. Make us less of us and more of you. In Jesus name, amen.

When I was in 6th grade my teacher sent home our progress reports. I hid mine deep in my closet and left to the coast with my best friend for the weekend.  For the first time ever my mom decided to clean my closet for me…..not good.

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