Autism Ninjas


Clothes in confidence

Every morning I set out clothes for the triplets and every morning they walk right by them and put on whatever they want.

I don’t fight it.

Yesterday morning my daughter who has autism came into the office to get her hair brushed and I caught a glimpse of what she would be rocking to school that day.  She had on a pink shirt with a dog on the side of it, black leggings, a light blue long skirt, striped knee high socks pulled over the leggings, a pair of purple gloves and fuzzy gift bag on her head like a hat.

I had to draw the line at the hat and that’s it. Everything else was her call. She made it to the front door when she realized that she had made a fashion mistake, so she took the gloves off and that seemed to complete her outfit.

I was hoping for a change in socks.

I immediately emailed her teacher voicing my concern. I let her know that my fear is that one day my daughter will go missing and I will have to give her description to the police. Of course it was all in good humor. I would totally make up a different outfit if I had to really describe her to the police.

Thank God that her teacher gets me and knows that I am just trying to give her a heads up on the tiny trend setter that’s about to walk into her class.

My Ninjas

Later on in the day I was listening to a story on KLOVE about a young woman who won Miss Montana and how she had a difficult childhood of being made fun of and being that awkward kid in class.  She has autism. She is now on her way to being Miss America and actually give speeches in public on autism.  I bet she wore off beat outfits more often than not to school.

She’s an autism ninja. Autism never saw her coming as she crushed it under her shoe.

My daughters kindergarten teacher is a autism ninja. She can see it coming from a mile away and hit it with a Chinese death start before it gets to my daughter and causes chaos in the classroom.  Maybe I can convince her to wear a ninja outfit someday.

My daughter also has her very own special ed teacher. What a lucky little girl. I never got a special teacher that was there just to make sure my crazy never got out of hand and that I had all the tools that I needed for success. Her special ed teacher is an autism ninja. She comes to school with an arsenal of weapons designed specifically to take autism down when it starts creeping on my daughter.

My daughters sisters put an invisible wall of protection around her at all times. They are all autism ninjas. I dare anyone to try to get near their sister without the secret password or an extreme act of compassion that proves you are worthy of talking to their sister. They are equipped each day with loving hearts and and natural defense systems that kick into high gear when anyone approaches.

There is an army of angels that watches over my daughter each day. They are my autism ninjas that kick into high gear when I can’t be there for her. You almost don’t realize that they are armed with weapons that outmatch anything autism can bring to the battle.

Because of each one of my ninjas my daughter will excel beyond our dreams for her.

Because God sent down His arm , place them in Justin’s life and gave them what they needed to help her, she lives with a smile on her face.

Because my ninjas aren’t just equipped to fight for her but also equipped to love her, Justin’s confidence will soar higher than my eyes can see.

Because my ninjas take time to show Justin that she is smart, worthy and and that it is totally fine for her to be herself, she will have friends.

So let this be a warning to autism. Don’t creep on my little girl unless you are prepared for an team of ninjas to put a blanket of protection over her. God sent them down here personally. He hand picked them out of the best angels that he has. He placed them in Justin’s life in a way that makes it impossible for you to take her down. You will never win. Justin will always be bigger and better than you could ever be.  She will always be the winner and you will always be the loser, that’s a promise. Pack your bags autism.

My prayer today is for my autism ninjas

God I know that you have personally hand picked the angels that watch over my daughter each day. I ask that you bless them with all of there needs and with as many of there wants as possible. Remind them each day how valuable they are and show them the difference that they are making for a little 6 year old girl who just wants to be herself.  Give me a way to show them how much they mean to my family and how precious and worthy they are. God I want to thank you for the gift of autism and what it has done for my life and the lives of the people that my little girl touches. I have to say that your gifts that are so cleverly disguised are the greatest of them all. In Jesus name, amen.

My daughters sweet teacher has the patience of a saint and accepts my daughter just he way she is.  She didn’t bat an eye when my little girl told her over and over one day that she was a miserable old man but I think that there might have been a moment of concern when she told her that the person in the room that had the same face as her was Dirty Dan and not her identical sister.

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