Empty Your Well


Up In Flames

When I was five our house burned down to the ground. We were in it at the time and had to crawl out on all fours. Everyone made it out okay except for the dog and cat. My mom didn’t tell me that part until I was 20 and I found out that they really didn’t get scared, run off and find another girl just like me to live with.

We lived in New Mexico at the time and it was snowing outside. My brother, two cousins and I went to the neighbors to get out of the cold. We watched out the window as the house burned down. I can remember watching the windows melt.

Our town was so small that they only had a volunteer fire department and when they got there the truck died and they couldn’t get it restarted.

We had a water well in our yard and everyone who was physically capable helped pull buckets of water out of the well and throw it on the house. It was a sad and desperate effort that failed miserably.

My mom sat down on the sidewalk, covered her face and sobbed.

I cant imagine what she was thinking. Everything we had was gone. I’m sure she thought her life was over.

Her well was empty.

Refilling The Well

When she stood up from crying her nightgown had frozen in the scrunched up position it was in while she was sitting, only adding fuel to the fire…no pun intended. I can remember going back to the house a few days later and walking through the mess. I remember seeing a doll my grandmother gave me that had soot all over it. Other than that I cant remember any rebuilding.

I was only five so I probably didn’t have too much to do with the clean up. All I remember is that we had a new house and new things and life went on.

I am sure that’s not how my mom remembers it.

Her life is much fuller now than it has ever been and whatever burned in the fire is history and was most definitely not the end of her life. God actually had some pretty amazing things in store for her. He had to empty her well so that he could fill it with something more beautiful.

While we are so busy retrieving buckets of water out of our well to try to put out the fire (the worst thing that could ever happen to us) I think God is actually intentionally emptying the well to fill it with something better.

I’ve been to the bottom of my well many times in my life. I have cried to God “how could something this bad happen to me”. How could I get to the bottom of the well and have nothing left?

In true God form He always fills my well with something better, something more rewarding, more beautiful and fulfilling.

What if we started emptying our own wells and putting out the fires that shouldn’t be there so that God can refill them with beauty. Empty your well and see what beauty God will fill it with. Let go of the things that don’t belong. Let go of the things that take up space in your well. Let go of the things that don’t bring you closer to God.

 Today lets pray

“God even though it is terrifying to get to the bottom of our well please empty them with the things that we no longer need so that You can fill them with Your beauty. Let us be comforted knowing that you will always fill our well. In your sweet and awesome name, amen.”

May your well be filled with awesomeness today! Todays picture is a picture of my daughters running towards the well that is in our front yard. I imagine them running to see what God has filled their well with and I am blessed to be part of it.

As for my poodle “lamb chops” and the cat whos name I cant remember, RIP little buddies. Sorry I didn’t let you rest in peace sooner but my mom was trying to comfort me and I thought yall were with some nice family that had a little blonde girl just like me taking care of you. Thanks mom for always trying to protect my heart.

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