Dehydrated Faith

living water


One of my little girls was sick on Sunday. She stayed in her bed until 3pm falling in and out of sleep. She skipped breakfast lunch and dinner and only drank half of a juice box.

When she finally got up she came to me and told me it was time to snuggle in my bed. There was no way that I was going to deny her that.

I made it the perfect excuse to get in bed at 3pm and stay there until bedtime. She and I snuggled and watched TV alone in my room until it was time for her to go back to her bed.

It was awesome.

Quenching the thirst

The next morning when I woke her up she look like a skeleton. It dawned on me that she hadn’t eaten anything or had any fluids in 24 hours and her little body was showing dehydration.

She didn’t have any spunk left in her and she wouldn’t sit up to even dress herself. She refused breakfast and told me that all she wanted was water.

My husband brought her a cup of water and she sucked it down.

I kept poking at her trying to make her get ready for school but she just laid there. She wasn’t going to be ready for school on time unless I dressed her myself. So that’s what I did.

She finally got up, walked into the kitchen and said “I need more water, can I please have cold water”. She then proceeded to chug three cups of water.

It was like watering a flower. It brought the life right back into her. She sprang back to life. I had my little girl back.

Then off to school she went.

Dehydrated faith

I feel like we are doing that in our daily lives.

We’ve taken God out of our public schools.
We say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.
We say bless you instead of God bless you.
We filter our faith as to not offend anyone who has a different belief than we do.

We are dehydrating.

We are leaving out the most nourishing and most vital thing in our lives and we are starting to feel it. If we don’t feed our faith, spread the word of God and continue to be His hands and feet we are going to be so weak that we won’t be able to sustain ourselves. We will get to the point that we are begging for it and if we’re lucky, it won’t be to late.

Let’s put God back into every part of our lives.
Let’s put Him back in our schools, in our jobs, in our homes and in our hearts.
Let’s be so bold in our faith that no one can deny that he is present where ever we go.
Let’s be so aggressive in being His hands and feet that is kingdom grows ten fold every single day.
Let’s make sure that our children know who He is, why He is and where He is.

It’s time to let God be our King, our Savior and our Father. It’s time to focus our eyes and hearts on Him and Him alone. It’s time to put our trust in the Lord and surrender to His will.

We don’t have to dehydrate. He is the breath of life, the living water. Drink from Him. Quench your thirst. Revive your heart. Cry out to the Lord and let Him light your path.

And for crying out loud, when someone sneezes say “God bless you”

Let’s pray

Almighty Father thank you for never leaving us. Amen.

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