Young Love

young love

I’m spoiled rotten by my W3 sisters. Renee wrote for us again this week. I love this woman. Take it away Renee.


Fourth Grade Crush

I remember my first crush like it was yesterday. I was in the fourth grade and his name was Brandon. He was tall, slender, big brown eyes and the smartest boy in the class. Once a week he would travel to a nearby high school for the gifted and talented. I missed him on those days he was gone.

Of course I was a skinny little dorky girl with glasses and he never gave me the time of day, but I still loved him.

Several weeks went by that Brandon didn’t come to school. Weeks turned into months and I was so concerned as to why he was not there…
After several months of going crazy our teacher made an announcement. Brandon would not be coming back to class because he had leukemia.

My Broken Heart

Well what was that, what did that even mean? I didn’t understand and went home crying to to Mom with absolutely no clue what cancer was.

Now, I’m not trying to say that my mom was wrong in keeping me in the dark. I guess she was trying to protect me from the evil of the world. She said that she was sure it was not serious and that he would be back to school before I even knew it.

I believed her.

About almost a year later I was sitting in front of the TV at my grandmothers house watching the news and they were reporting a story about a young boy that was dying of cancer. They were granting him his last wish to take a trip to Disney Land.

Is was Brandon.

I cried and I cried, my mom had lied to me, I was so lost and so angry, confused…A few weeks later at school our teacher told us the Brandon went to be with Jesus and we should be happy that he was with his Father.

That was my first experience with death. My second experience was when I lost my grandma 12 yrs ago. If someone would have talked to me about God, death, everlasting, maybe losing her would have been easier for me. It was like I was in the fourth grade again.

When is the right time to talk to our children about death?

As for me…the day I lost Brandon would have been the perfect time. I never got that. To this day I have no peace for my broken heart.

Lets Pray…

Loving Father thank you for taking our loved ones to heaven to live everlasting life with you. Place you hand on our hearts and help us to heal when we lose someone that we love. Teach us how to have faith big enough that it will comfort us in times of loss. In Jesus name, amen.

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