I’m A Southern Baptist Jewish Runaway

My cup runneth over these days.  After months of peer pressuring our W3 sister to write for us she finally caved! I adore this southern belle and her sweet Texas accent.  Her infectious smile and genuine friendship are more than a girl could ask for. Here are some sweet word from our sister Angela. Thank you dear friend.

She’s A Little Runaway

How faithful am I?

I was raised in a Baptist church, I met and fell in love with a Jewish man and converted to Judaism.

Oh how I broke my mother’s heart. I tried to jokingly assure her, as I think humor makes all situations lighter, that I would be covered either way.

As a Christian, once I had accepted Jesus Christ I was saved, and as a Jew…..well, I was officially now one of God’s “chosen people”. I am not sure if in my heart I truly believed this. But, I assured my mother I was “covered” to the full extent.

I am sure she spent lots of time praying about this. I say this because I often refer to my mother as a prayer warrior. I love this about her!

Back To The Pew

Fast forward a few years, two babies later and a divorce……heart broken and scared I eagerly returned to church. I knew the only comfort I might find would be there.

I did not want to be divorced, I did not want to have a broken home for my children, I did not want to share weekends and holidays.

I cried and cried.

I always sat at the back of the church. Mostly because I had small children but, also because I knew I would cry the entire service.

From the moment the music started until the end of service, I cried. Overwhelmed is the best word I could use to describe how I felt. Overwhelmed with emotion and fear yet, I wanted to be in church.

I felt safe there.

I felt forgiven.

I strayed for a while but when I returned I felt no guilt. I knew in my heart He still loved me. I knew I had chosen a path that wasn’t right for me, yet He didn’t punish me. He welcomed me home with open arms.

I am so thankful for unconditional love. I am so thankful we aren’t punished when we make bad choices. I am so thankful we only have to ask for forgiveness to be forgiven.

Let’s Pray

Graceful Father thank you for loving us unconditionally. We are not worthy of the mercy and grace that your pour out on us yet you never stop. Hep us to live our lives in a way that reflect You.  Teach us how to love each other the way that you love us. When we are int he middle of a bad decision gently guide us back to your path. In Jesus name, amen.

The very first time that I ever met Angela we had to ride together for work. After 20 minutes she literally pulled over on the side of an old country road out in the middle of nowhere. She threw her car into park and we proceeded to sit there for  what seemed like hours and confess our lives to each other. God knew what He was doing that day when He put us together and I am forever grateful to Him.

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