Mirror Mirror On The Wall…..

Facing The Mirror

In a few weeks I am going to visit a dear friend that I have not seen in many many years. When we started emailing and she asked me to come visit, my mind immediately went to my waist size (thigh size, arm size, double chin, etc. etc).

I stood in the hall and stared at myself in the mirror.

When did my thighs double in size?
Is that an extra arm or a crease in my “bicep” so big it’s giving me an illusion?
I’m tempted to see if I can balance a glass on the top of my butt but I’m too scared to turn around and view it in the mirror.
How did my boobs get way down there?
Am I pregnant or is that still the belly pooch of my last pregnancy?

Walk away Candice, walk away.

I actually sat down and confessed my insecurity to my sweet friend. I felt I was doing my civic duty in warning her as to what was coming to her house.

Here is her exact funny and sweet response.

“I am laughing at the weight thing. It has gotten a little worse after each pregnancy and age is not helping. I have come to the realization that my body is just different now and will never be the same. No fun.”

Just different. Hmmm.

Oh What A Body Can Do

Turns out I’m a self judging fool. God must have been so hurt when I was standing in front of that mirror pointing out my flaws to myself.

Get over it self!

Our bodies were made for a purpose.

Men are designed to be bigger and stronger than us petite and fragile women 😉 . They had to be physically able to hunt, build and protect. Women were made to be eye candy. Ok, totally kidding. We were made to grow life in our very own bodies. How perfect and crazy is that.

Instead of looking in the mirror and putting down all the things that I don’t like about my body I should be praising God that He gave me the ability to nourish life inside of it.

I’m about to show you how capable my body is of growing humans. If you have a faint heart or weak stomach this would be the time to log off. It’s not pretty but it is pretty amazing.

Are you ready?
I warned you.
Here you go.

The Amazing Expanding Body

There’s three babies in there and I still had a month to go. When I got pregnant with the triplets I was a size 2/4 and my limbs looked like twigs. My hip bones jetted out … I have not seen them since the pregnancy.

I thought my body was perfect pre-triplets but I was wrong. At the moment this picture was taken is when my body was perfectly the way God intended it to be. It was serving it’s purpose.

It was growing life.

I agree that the nightgown and Santa nightlight could have been swapped out for something with better taste (it wasn’t even near Christmas) but let’s not look at those things.

Wonderfully Made

Here’s my point.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. His words, not mine. Check it out.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.” Psalms 139:14

Did you catch that? “Your works are wonderful”. Let’s just repeat that one again “Your works are wonderful”. That’s you. Yes, you!. You are wonderful.

God took His time while He carefully crafted each detail of you. He took great pride in each wonderful feature. You are not something that he just threw together last minute. He thought out every detail from the color of your beautiful eyes to the shape of your toenails.

When He was done He called the angels over to see what a wonderful master piece He made. The angels were in awe. They love you as much as our heavenly Father does and before they sent you to your mothers womb they held you and kissed you. If you’re lucky enough to have freckles or a beautiful birthmark that everyone can see, you have proof of how much the angels kissed you. They loved you so much that they left their kiss marks right there on your body.

If you are standing in front of the mirror picking out all of the things that you think are perfect, walk away. Turn around and don’t look over your shoulder. Whatever you do, don’t try to set a glass on top of your but to see if it balances!

You are perfect, just the way that God made you. He is so in love with you and only see true beauty when he looks at you.

Let’s Pray

Wonderful Father thank you for making me perfect in Your eyes. Thank you for molding each detail of my body, inside and out. When I am stuck in front of the mirror dissecting each detail that I think is not perfect, gently take me by the shoulders and lead me away. Remind me that You only make beautiful and perfect things. Help me to see me through Your eyes. In Jesus name, amen.

That body that once carried three 5.6lb babies at one time created the beauties below. I wouldn’t change a single thing about that body and I will pray everyday that I can see my current body the way that God does. Oh and if anyone is offering free tummy tucks, call me!

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