Empty Nest

My W3 sisters are going to send me into retirement already. Sylvia has written for us again. She wrote it while flying with her two teenaged children to visit her older son in California. Here’s blog blog from a mile high.
Flying Out Of The Nest

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go visit my son out
west and since we are in the school thanksgiving vacation, I
had my older teens go with me.

It’s always nice to travel with
them, soon they will be leaving to live their own life so ever
minute I have with them is cherished… Yes even when my
daughter sings to me; to the time my son likes giving me
reasons why he needs a new longboard (another name for a
It was just like yesterday the two older teens were in
elementary school and the older boys (the two sons that are
on their own) were in junior high.

Letting Them Go

It’s getting closer for me to
understand the phases “empty nesting” I hear its difficult for us
women because these are are babies that we carried for at
least nine month.

These are the babies that we had to let go
just as they turned 5 yrs of age to attend school, we let go to
attend summer camp, we let go maybe for a slumber party, we
could go on and on…but it gives the same example of us
letting them grow.
Even when the two older sons left I only felt half empty and
having the younger two still home it’s has kept the “empty
nesting” foreign to me.
Well this coming Monday is going to change the above. My
two older teens will not be flying back with me. They will be
vacationing out west with their older brother. Their plans of
cooking their own Thanksgiving dinner warms my heart.

So come Monday night as each of their rooms will be empty
(ok not completely empty, the cats will be there) that is when I
will ask our Father in Heaven;

How did/could you send your beloved son down to earth?
When I think of how God sent his son to us, knowing what he
would endure. I ask, would any of us to that with our children. I
would think we would put our own lives up first before them.
So this Thanksgiving Day.. I have many blessing to be
thankful for; health, family, friends, and the small stuff.
But I also will be giving Thanks to my Holy Father in heaven.
For his unconditional love, his amazing grace, and his most
precious gift…Jesus

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