2 thoughts on “The Almighty Healer!

  1. November 8, 2015 my son Collen was at a friend’s house along with his big brother. They decided it would be fun to have a bon fire, they grabbed a gas can containing racing fuel. They got fire going, and the two older boys were going to go find more fire wood, and my youngest sat there by the fire. The gas can was to close it exploded, catching my 11 year old on fire. He stopped, dropped and rolled as he had been taught, but racing fuel doesn’t go out that easy. My older boy laid on him and started ripping his shirt off while the friend pulled his pants off. They had a hard time getting his socks off him, and his underwear melted off of him. My 14 year old, put him on a four wheeler drove him up to the friends house, and put him in a cold shower while he ran to get help. (I believe God was telling him what to do.) I hear of the news, not knowing which of my boys or how bad it was, I dropped to my knees and began praying. The friends father had already called 911 but since we live outside of town he made a arrangements for us to meet an ambulance half way. He brought our son to us, my husband picks him up and the blanket wrapped around him slides off with most of his skin around his torso, and thigh. We meet the ambulance, get to the ER, then medflighted to the nearest burn center. All the while my son is calm, and only worried about me. I finally get to the hospital they flown him to, the longest hour in half of my life. This story is way to long to tell in great detail, but I’ll give you a quick run down of all the hospital did for my baby, and the true work of our almighty healer.
    The doctor tells me we will be in the hospital well into the first of the year, Collen has 3rd degree burns from his chest down to his feet. He prepared us for Collen to be in medical induced coma, cause he would probably have a hard time breathing on his own. Also around his ankles were burned the worse, so we weren’t sure if he was gonna be able to save Collen’s feet.
    My first conversation with Collen, (of course I tried so hard to be strong, I guess I was failing miserably) he looked at me and said “momma it’s okay, I’m in God’s hands!” He said “do you know how I know?” “Because the fire didn’t hurt me it doesn’t hurt.” The hurt and the pain inside of me is nothing like I have ever experienced, and there is nothing I can say to describe it to you. But when he said that it eased momentarily, and i knew the Lord was at work and everything was gonna be okay. 24 hours later still breathing fine on his own, 48 hours still breathing fine on his own even without oxygen! God is good 🙂
    Collen underwent 40+ hours of surgery, 7 feeling tubes, 8 units of blood, 3 different ports in his chest, countless shots. 5 weeks in pediatric ICU in total 63 days in the hospital. On more then one occasion Collen would say stuff like “it doesn’t hurt as bad when you lay your hands on me” no one would be near him, I know he was talking to our Lord. He would ask me if I was touching him, I would tell him no, and he would say God’s in here with us. He isn’t the only ar that felt his presence, when I felt I couldn’t take anymore, I would pray and instantly feel like a blanket of peace wrap around me. As a mother watching her child go through such, no way I could have done it without his presence!
    We now are 6 months out from the accident, Collen is playing summer baseball, if you can’t see his scars it appears nothing has happened to him. The Lord blessed us with the best doctor which is also a Godly man and the best nursing staff, they would pray for each child before starting their shift!!!! How amazing right?!?!?
    Doesn’t matter your situation the almighty healer is alive and well. When you are going through something he is pulling you closer into his arms. God is good all the time! Don’t ask why bad things happen just know he is going to bring you through it and bless you for it!!!

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