There’s a Party Going On

Let’s Get This Party Started

My husband came home on Sunday from being gone for a week.

While he was gone our girls literally sobbed for him. Everyday at least one of them was crying when I walked them into school and each night I was consoling one or more as they went to bed. At least five times a day our oldest triplet, Myleigh, would tell me “daddy is taking so so so long”.

They are total daddy’s girls and I love it.

On Sunday they spent the day writing on the driveway and sidewalk with chalk. They wrote “Welcome home daddy” and “We missed you daddy”. They made signs and taped them to the front door and our oldest made cupcakes so that we could celebrate his birthday (a couples days late) when he got home.

When we saw him pull into the driveway they all started yelling “HIDE!”. We scrambled to find hiding spots and I may or may not have pushed a six year old out of the way to get the best spot.

He slowly walked down our long sidewalk while the girls whispered over and over “here he comes, here he comes”.

The key turned, the door opened and a celebration broke out! We cheered and hugged, danced and sang. Our youngest triplet, Bella, even jumped in the air and landed in the splits (ouch). We all headed straight to the table and lit the candles so that we could sing Happy Birthday To Daddy!
The Ultimate Party

A party much like ours happens daily.

Everyone begs for the guest of honor. They can’t wait for them to arrive. The host has to comfort the guest and calm them because they can’t stop asking how long it’s going to take. “Why are they taking so long?”, “What are they waiting for?”.

The guests run out to the walkway and write the guests of honors name all over so that they will know right away that they are welcome and wanted. There’s a gate at the entrance and the guest hang signs welcoming their friend. The host swells with pride.

Finally the arrival comes.

A confession. A surrender. A life given over. A life saved. Sin washed away. A new life given.

The angles rejoice. They run to God and cry out to Him that another has been won for His kingdom. A celebration like no other begins. There is dancing and singing like we have never heard or seen and cannot even imagine in our earthly minds. Colors that we have never seen dance all over heaven through glittering light. It’s amazing and can never be compared to anything that we know.

That party has either already happened for you or the angels are setting it up as we speak. They have written your name on the sidewalks.

You’re Invited

What are you waiting for?
Who doesn’t love a good party?

You can be the guest or the guest of honor. You can bring others to the party or bring yourself.

You have the gift to lead others to the kingdom of heaven. What an honor!

It’s the one dream that I have for myself, to bring someone to Christ. How awesome would that be. I want to pray the prayer with them. I want to watch their entire life change with a confession to our Lord.

I can’t wait to be part of the party in heaven. I can’t wait to hear the angels sing when we win one for God. I can’t wait to dance in the presence of the Lord.

You’re not going to want to miss out on this so if you haven’t accept Christ, HURRY UP!

Let’s Pray

Sweet and loving Father thank you for the cross. Thank you for the sacrifice for your son so that we can have everlasting life with you in heaven. We can’t wait to be in your presence and celebrate each time someone gives their life to you. When we get a new brother or sister and the angels start to sing we want in! Lord if there is someone that is sitting on the decision please give them the extra push that they need. Heck, have them call me, I can be kind of convincing and I’m great at peer pressure. In Jesus name, amen.

I have to admit that I lasted about an hour at the Daddy’s Home party on Sunday. I was so exhausted from the week of solo parenting my mess of kids that bowed out quietly and went straight to bed.

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