One Size Fits All

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Our sweet sister Sylvia is writing for us today. These ladies are starting to spoil me. Take it away Sylvia.

Dang You Skinny Jeans!

I took my daughter shopping and as she browsed looking for the perfect pair of skinny jeans and cute top…so did I. I found a cute top and the perfect skinny jeans..yeah right. Not in this life time, not for me.

The last several years I’ve gone from 3 dress sizes down then up and then down and up and now slowly going down again. I call this the “Teeter Toter Effect”. I’ve been in this mode for awhile now. After I look back, when I was 3 sizes smaller..I thought I was overweight. I would take that size back gladly.

My Own Worst Critic

This is not the only “Teeter Toter” that I have found myself on, its been my relationship with my children, my marriage, my employment, my life style and My Relationship with God.

I found myself to be my worst critic and let me tell you, I would have giving up on myself long ago. But recently I have been in the the company of some special individuals that keep reminding me that my/our God does not make Junk. He created us all individual and with purpose in this life time (I am very certain of this).

Now I still will pray and ask that God give me strength to not eat too many chips & salsa, cookies, breakfast taco’s and to want to workout more But I will now be happy with who I am and what size I am. Bottom line I will work on being healthy.

I now know that I am masterpiece that God has created (as each one of you) and that no matter what I/we look like, we are what God created. I want to share my thanks, for our own uniqueness. How wise and wonderful God is; for he knew the plans of meeting the special people in my life that would help me learn more about him. Share his word, Share his love and Share my Up and Down in this playground of Life.

Let’s Pray

Loving Father thank you for making us perfect in your eyes. We know that you knitted each one of us in our mothers womb and took great care in each detail. Help us to see ourselves through your eyes. When we stand in front of the mirror and pick ourselves apart please gently remind us that each of those parts where handcrafted by you and you take great pride in them. Not only do we ask that you keep us from judging ourselves by our looks but we ask that you help us to not judge others by theirs. In Jesus name, amen.

My sweet Sylvia is stunning to the eyes. She carries herself with such grace. When she gives you a huge it makes you feel like you are home. She is a super duper Jesus girl and more beautiful then she will ever know.

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