All In

Crown Of Thorns

My dear friend came by the other day to drop off some bunk beds for my kids. As soon as he pulled up the girls ran out to investigate everything they could about him. They needed to scope him out before letting him in their room.

One of my six year olds showed him her crown of thorns ring. He asked her what it meant, not because he didn’t know but to initiate a conversation with her.

She looked at me, took off the ring and put it on her head. She looked a little confused and asked how something so small was put on Jesus head.

Her older sister, by 3minutes, chimed in and rambled off the entire crucifixion of Christ. From placing the crown of thorns on to nailing his hands and feet, to stabbing his sides, to the grave, to rising.

I was so proud of her and proud of the fact that she knew the story of her Savior so well. She has clearly been paying attention in her bible study.

Fearless Faith

What made me even more proud was that she didn’t flinch when she told the story. She didn’t hesitate to boast about it. She knows who Jesus is and there is no fear in her to tell anyone she meets about what he did for her.

I wish I was more like her.

Sometimes I find myself feeling out the people around me when I start talking about my Savior. I wonder if they have the same beliefs that I do and will they turn from me when I start to tell them how much God loves them and that He has a mansion for them in heaven.

Are they going to think that I’m crazy?

Why would I not tell everyone I know, all day, everyday about our amazing Father in heaven and the sacrifice that He made for us.

I want to me more like Myleigh. She actually shuts her eyes when she tells about her Savior. It’s as if she is picturing it exactly the way that it happened and she wants to make sure that she tells all of it and all of it correctly. She doesn’t stop to feel her audience out. She doesn’t open her eyes to see if they have run from her.

She is convicted. She is all in. She is His and there is not an ounce of shame in that child.

This is the little girl who leaves notes to Jesus on our porch at night so that He can come get them. She writes him cards all the time and sticks them on refrigerator. She tilts her head to the sky and calls out to him in the middle of our yard and could care less who’s watching. Jesus is her BFF

Can you imagine if we were all that convicted and fearless!

Changing Hearts

Can you imagine what could happen all around us if we wrote letters to Jesus everyday. Can you imagine what could happen all around us if within the first minute of meeting someone we shut our eyes and told them the entire story of our Savior without missing a single detail. It will literally change the heart of the world and I’m daring us to do it.

What if we were that confident, that bold, that courageous?

If we truly believe in the depth of our hearts that one day Jesus will come for us. If we truly believe that God sacrificed His only son so that we should have everlasting life with Him in heaven. If we truly believe that Jesus took away our sins by rusty nails and a crown of thorns then why are we careful about shouting it from the rooftops.

I want to stand before God, in awe of His glory, and listen to Him say to me “Well done good and faithful servant, well done”.

I can’t accomplish that if I waste one minute here on earth not being His light, not spreading His word, not bringing people to His kingdom, not sacrificing my fears so that others may be saved.

If I flinch. If I whisper. If I stay quiet in fear then my Father will do the same to me when I show up in His house.

I have never loved the way that I love my heavenly Father. Nothing has ever made my heart want to burst out of my chest the way that my love for Him does. I’ve never been more thankful for anything the way that I am thankful for His ultimate sacrifice. Nothing has ever humbled me the way that the nails on the cross have humbled me.

I don’t anyone to miss out on any of it. I don’t want a single person here on earth to not hear what He has done for them and what they can have if they accept His gift of salvation.

I’m all in.

I arming myself this morning with His word. I am covering myself in His grace and mercy and I am heading out to be His warrior.

My job is important, school is important, our bank account is important,  details of my home are important but nothing, not a single thing will ever steal another minute from me spreading the love and sacrifice of our heavenly Father.

Who’s all in?

Let’s Pray

Amazing Father thank you for the cross. Help us to let go of our fears and stand up strong in your name. Arm us with shields and swords so that we can go out into the world, protected by your mercy, and bring people to you kingdom. Equip us with the words to make them our brothers and sisters. Convict our hearts with such strength and truth that not a single person could deny your creation and what awaits us at our earthly death. Make us your warriors. In Jesus name, amen.

My little Myleigh who can tell you the story of our Saviors crucifixion down the the tiniest detail, came into my office the other day and said “Mommy, isn’t it so cool that Jesus was born on Christmas!” Opps.

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