Pity Party, Table For One.

Our sweet sister Renee is at it again! Everyone please give her a round of applause. Take it away Renee-

So this weekend I started my bday celebration! I was invited out to dinner then after, we dressed up in our costumes and went to a local hang out.

I was a punk rocker!

Anyways, I got to my friends apartment and met some really nice new peeps! However they were all couples!!

Yes I was the single one of the bunch!

Now we already know that I have no problem with being single. After years of being in several different relationships being single has helped me to find myself! But I cant help but think about not having someone to share in all the fun.

By no means did my new friends ever single me out. There was not a minute that I sat alone!

Watching the couples did place a little hurt in my heart.

The guys making sure that their significant other had a drink or a place to sit. They took pictures with one another and danced together to some fun music.

Then it hit me.  Hello! There are ladies out there that don’t have friends that would care enough to have even extended an invitation for a night out!

I was lucky to be out with people who were genuine! It was at that point that I stopped with the pity party. I pulled out my phone and took pictures of all those around me and smiled to myself… I will wait patiently.

Dear Lord for you to bring me that special person who will hold my hand and kiss my forehead for all to see.

Who will dress up for Halloween, give me a red rose for Valentine’s Day or kiss me under the mistletoe!

If you are single and waiting, just breath. I know that God will bless your life just as He will bless mine!
Let’s Pray

Gracious Father thank you for the friendships that you bless us with. Help us to keep our faith in your perfect timing. Comfort our hearts when we feel unworthy and left our. When we are focused on the blessings that others have, gently kneel down next to us, kiss us on the cheek and remind us how dearly you love us and that you have great plans for us. In Jesus sweet sweet name, amen

I missed the night out for Renee’s birthday because I have been sick. The next morning I got to look through all the pictures on facebook from her party.  Every picture was of her bright beautiful smile and every picture had a friends arms wrapped around her. It was definitely not a pity party! – Candice

One thought on “Pity Party, Table For One.

  1. Nicely Done Renee. Praying for the right person with the right heart also. Sitting still in Faith. Happy Belated Bday also!

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