A Credible Source

It’s In The Writing

“Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale: In Couples Therapy!”

“Sandra Bullock And Chelsea Handler Take Naked Shower Together”

“Picture Purr-fect: Kim Kardashian Goes Kitty Cat Crazy!”

“Miley Cyrus Goes Pantless In New Pic!”

It’s true people. I didn’t make any of it up. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even retype it, I copied and pasted.

These area actual headlines on those smut magazines that are lined up and proudly displayed right there at the check out isle of the grocery store for everyone to see.

It all has to be true, right? You can double check if you want to, just open one up and it will tell you that a “credible source” or “a close friend of the family” gave them all the information.

We buy them up and soak in all those true stories from the credible sources. We talk to our friends about all the celebrity gossip that we’ve learned and how awesome it is that Jen Aniston is finally pregnant for the fourth time! Yeah Jen!

The Credible Sources

I wonder who those credible sources are? Who are the close friends of the family that are spilling all the juicy details? And why in the world do we believe a word of it.

So wait, we can believe that poor Jennifer Aniston is pregnant for the fourth time but we question if Jesus really died on the cross for our sins? What in has this world come to?

Let me give you some real credible sources and friends of the family that you should believe and take to heart.
Matthew, Simon, Luke, John, Paul, James and Peter. There’s more but I think you already know who they are. They are credible source, family and close friends of the family. Every word that came from them is true, a fact, undeniable. They walked with our savior. They weren’t just a friend of the family, they were the family. They weren’t just a credible source, they were the word, the truth and the light. They knew what was up.

So why do we ever question them?

The Truth

Why do we want proof that the bible is the living word but we soak up the crap that is put in those smut magazines?

Why is it okay to put pictures of half naked women on the cover of a magazine and put it in the one place in the store that we can’t avoid?
Why is it okay to blast obvious lies and slander across the top of a magazine and put them in the place where we stand with our families to by food?

Why would it be controversial to sell a bible in that same slot?

What would happen if we replaced all the lying filth with the word of God?

I know one person that wouldn’t mind one bit.

I dare you to take a stand and never buy that junk again. Cheers to you if you already don’t. Or better yet, write a complaint about it and send it in.

Let’s stop allowing our minds and the minds of our families to be filled with lies and deceit and replace it with the truth and the light. Remember who the credible sources really are.

Let’s stop gossiping about the latest sex scandal, pregnant celebrity or latest break up and start spreading the true word of God.

Let’s Pray

“Merciful Father forgive us for accepting false witnesses. Help us to take our eyes off of the lies and focus on the truth. Remind us who the true credible sources and close friends of the family are and help us to fill our lives with their words. When we find ourselves soaking up the smut that is so easily displayed for our families to see gently take our hands off of them and replace them with the bible. In Jesus name, amen”.

If you have little girls in your life then please let me suggest that you subscribe them to Susie Magazine. We’ve been getting it for a couple years and I love it. It’s honest, pure and modest. You gotta love that!

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