Not exactly but a little sweeter

Plagiarizing God

My husband and I took two cars to bible study last night and when it was time to leave one of our triplets, Justin, wouldn’t go with him and the rest of the girls. I had to stay behind to make sure all the kids got picked up and she insisted on staying with me.

Justin refused to take her bible study book to class last night and isn’t exactly the most focused kid in the class. She is an amazing reader so she kind of sneaks a peak while the other kids are reading their books. My husband and I worry that she is just doing whatever it takes to get by in class and isn’t really remembering her verses and learning God’s word.

After all the kids got picked up by their parents Justin and I headed out to our car. She was going on and on about her random ideas that only make sense to her, like yelling “Australia!” over and over.

When we were almost to the car she stopped and pointed out the crescent moon and stars that accompanied it. “Oh mom, mom look at the stars! I need to make a wish”. She stopped in the middle of the parking lot, bowed her head, closed her eyes, clasped her hands and made her wish. ” I wish that Jesus is a good. And God gave his only son so that everyone could live forever. John 3:16″

I think that we can all agree she won’t ever be accused of plagiarism but the fact that she stopped, when no one was looking, when there was no book in front of her and she prayed a bible verse that she had to remember almost a month ago is music to my ears. Obviously it wasn’t word for word and I should probably remind her that Jesus is good, always, but for that moment I couldn’t change a thing.

My little girl who we have been told is different, has been labeled as mentally retarded, diagnosed with Autism, told that she is several years behind in maturity and is the “weird” kid in class just stopped in the middle of a parking lot to say a prayer to our Savior and repeat a bible verse that we thought she had just been skimming by on.

More Like Justin

Oh how we should take lessons from this little girl.

We study the bible. We go to church and make sure we are doing our best to pay attention. Some of us even have the bible app downloaded on our phones. We impress others with our ability to recite a verse or two if we are ambitious. We lead bible studies and show up for Sunday school.

How many of us walk out in the middle of the parking lot, bow our heads, close our eyes, clasped our hands and make our wish on a star about Jesus, out loud. How many of us recite our favorite bible verse the way that it feels in our heart not the way it looks on paper.

I love the people who show up on Sundays to teach the kids. I love the people who show up and fire up their bible apps. I love the people that can recite bible verses off the top of their heads.

It would absolutely make me melt to see anyone of them miss quote the most well known bible verse while making a wish for Jesus as they pour out the purity of their heart.

Angel giggles

I think that angels giggled at my little girl last night in the parking lot. They weren’t the normal giggles that she gets. They didn’t giggle at her because she had bright orange headphones on or because she talks like a robot. They giggled at her because of how awesome her version of John 3:16 was and those are giggles that I can be proud of.

Are you making sure that you can repeat your bible verses word for word or are you letting them fill your heart the best way that you can understand it and truly feel it?

God loves when you read is word but He doesn’t care if you now it word for word. He cares if you hide it in your heart the way that you feel it and that you lock it tight in there and never forget it.

Take a second today to stop in the middle of your day, clasp your hands, close your eyes and say your favorite prayer out loud with out any shame or fear. Trust me, it makes your heavenly Father dance with pride.

Let’s Pray

“Wonderful Father thank you for giving us the bible so that we can know you and learn your word. Help us to learn it and hide it deep in our hearts so that it can never be taken from us. Give us the courage to shout out to you know matter where we are. Have a little mercy on us and don’t laugh too hard when we give our own version of our favorite verse. Thank you for the sacrifice of your son so that “everyone can live forever”. In Jesus name, amen”.

This same little sweet girl picked out her own socks this morning for school. She wore blue socks that went about half way up her calves and they were inside out. We let the kids wear whatever they want so we sent her the way she dressed herself. When she got to school her teacher mentioned to her how much she like her blue socks. Justin told her that I picked them out. She’s trying to make me look like the weird one!

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