Leap Of Grace

Facing The Cliff

My best friend of 31 years lives out on a beautiful ranch. I think it’s several hundred acres but ‘m not sure. Her grandpa, or Papa, as we called him, used to take us out to the pastures to feed the cows. We would all pile in the back of the old ranch truck and throw food out as we passed the cows. Some of my very best memories come from that ranch.

The ranch has a river that runs though it and it is amazing. All my life I have gone down to that river and spent hour and hours frying in the sun.

The best part about it is the huge waterfall. After a good rain it flows over with fierce power. Right next to the waterfall is a cliff that looks down on the crashing water. You can’t see the bottom of the river where it meets the waterfall and I myself have never touched the bottom. There have been claims of people touching it but I don’t know how valid they are.

The first time I stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down my heart jumped from my chest. Everyone there had already made the jump several times and told me how fun it was but what if I failed at it? What if I didn’t look cool and calm when I jumped? What if I got my toe caught on a rock, fell, landed in a belly flop and got water up my nose?

But what if I didn’t? What if I jump off and it was the most amazing experience that I had ever had? Should I trust all the others around me? I watched them jump and they seemed to come out of the water with a huge smile on their face.

The Leap Of Grace

I jumped. It was awesome! I jumped again and again and again.

Twenty Years later I watched my daughter stand on that same cliff. I saw that same fear in her eyes. She hesitated. She looked to me for comfort. Then she jumped. She jumped again and again and again.

When I first stood on the rocky ground of my life and looked out to the beautiful creation that God had waiting for me my heart jumped out of my chest. I was scared to leave my life built on rigid ground. I watched several of my friends take the leap and accept the wonders that God had made.

When I looked down in to river of grace I couldn’t see the bottom. The over flowing of His mercy crashed with a fierce force. I was scared to enter.

What if I failed? What if, once again in my life, I wasn’t good enough? What if I didn’t measure up to all those people who had gone before me and swam in His love.

I jumped. It was awesome. I jumped again and again and again.

Waterfall Of Mercy

My fear of His rejection was gone and I swam in His love and mercy. I’m still swimming. I can’t get out. My fingers and toes are shriveled and I couldn’t be happier. I want everyone to jump in and see how amazing it is. You can sit under the waterfall of His mercy and let it wash over you. Then you can jump in his river of grace and never get out.

Are you looking down from a rocky ledge waiting to dive into His grace and mercy? The view is better from the waterfall. I promise. Jump in!

Let’s pray

Merciful Father give us the courage to jump into Your grace and mercy and accept the wonderful things that You have created for us. Give us the courage to leap from the rocky ledge. As we we sit under Your waterfall of mercy remind us that You created this specifically for us. Help us to accept Your love and not to fear leaving the rocky ledge behind. In Jesus name, amen.

The cliff is great and we still go there to this day. I get to watch my daughters play in the river that I did when I was their age. I have one piece of advice to them when they jump off the cliff, do NOT belly flop.


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