Dance In Praise

Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!

Psalm 149:3

My husband and I took our girls downtown to the Pearl Brewery yesterday. It’s an old beer brewery that they have converted in to a trendy shopping and eating place. They have a culinary school, several restaurants and shops.

They also converted the old stables into a venue. It is amazing. I can’t describe it in words, you would just have to see it. Come check it out, you can stay with me!

My husband has access to the stables when they’re closed so we got to go in and have it all to ourselves. There is a beautiful stage and the entire room is wood. Wood walls, wood floors and wood ceiling.

The smell is intoxicating.

Even the bathrooms make you want to hang out in them. The wood dance floor was surrounded by tables and chair set up as if the bride was about to enter the room. We had it all to ourselves. The triplets ran to the stage to put on a show for us so my husband and I took a seat and became the audience.

They took turns singing and dancing.

One would sing on stage while the other two would take to the dance floor and put on their best performance. The best part was that every song they sang was a song about Jesus, made up of course but that’s the best kind. Well, except for some TTYLXOXO song that I have never heard before. Our girls love to sing and dance for Jesus. It is beautiful and they do it with complete abandonment.

No shame.

Would I dance for the Lord while only two people sat in the audience and watched me? I’m ashamed to say that I probably wouldn’t. It would feel a little awkward.

I wish I could. I wish that every day I could dance for the Lord. I guess I could but my coworkers might think that I’m nuts. Well, they probably already do.

What if I woke my kids up this morning and said that we were going to start the day with praise. Not just a praise but all out praise. They would be so excited and they should be. Their pure hearts would jump at the chance to sing praise to Jesus before they head out the door and into their mission field.

I’m going to do it. I’m going to crank KLOVE and let them know that this morning will be full of waffles, syrup and some sweet praise to our Savior.

When they get home from school I’m going to do it all over again. Praise when we rise and praise when we fall.

I dare you to do it today.

Will you dance?

Let’s Pray

Sweet Father thank you for the sweet voices that sing your name in praise. Thank you for the little children who dance before you without shame. Teach us to be more like them and less like us. Give us the courage to dance. In Jesus name, amen.

In our house we have a dance called the “Daddy Dance”. It’s not pretty but it’s funny. I vow to never subject the public to it and will keep it confined behind our doors. I promise!

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