Volleyball With The Devil

Playing The Game

My oldest daughter had a volleyball game last night. Let me brag for just a second. Her team won. Okay, I’m done.

In volleyball you play three sets and best out of three wins. Our team came out with a bang and creamed the other team in the first set. They were super proud.

There was cheers, dances and high fives.

Then came the second set. The girls strutted out to the court with their heads held high. They were on top. They were winning…so far.

Second Set Fail

They got a little two confident in the the second set. They relaxed. They assumed that they had it. One win under their belt and they felt like they didn’t need to fight or stand up for their team.

They lost their fight. They lost their “go get em tiger!”.

Then they lost the set.

They all looked around at each other and at their parents in the stands. I’m sure that I wasn’t the only parent staring back at their child with one eyebrow raised as if to say “seriously, what just happened, suck it up and play the dang game”. I could be wrong, maybe the other parents were more compassionate about the loss, not me. I’m not the “everyone wins” type of parent and my daughter knows it.

After a pretty serious huddle, they headed back to the court for the third set. The other team didn’t stand a chance. Our girls had something to prove and they proved it. They left that gym chanting the schools name.

I think that we tend to do the same thing in our fight against the devil.

Making Room For The Devils Comeback

When we become followers of Christ we come out with our fist swinging. We’re on Gods team now and we start to throw it in the devils face.
He takes our beating and we feel untouchable.

We are on God’s team. The devil doesn’t stand a chance. We watch him cringe and we laugh in his face.

Then we  get confident and comfortable and the devil starts see the hole we are making and he gets ready to crawl into it.

Spiking The Ball

We can’t stop praying. We can’t stop spreading the word, the truth. We can’t stop serving.

We have to be warriors for Christ every day, all the time. When we get into a pattern of doing what we are comfortable with and what worked the day before is when we start opening ourselves up for the devil to start his work.

We have to wake up everyday and say out loud that we are going to be His hands and feet. We have to say out loud that we are going to fight against the devil with all that we have. We have to say out loud that Jesus is our Savior. We have to say out loud that we are children of God and we won’t let the devil anywhere near us.

Then we need to walk up to the devil and scream in his ear that he is worth nothing. We need to scream in his ear that God is who we praise and the bible is our word. We need to scream in his ear that he better leave and stay away because we are a force to be reckoned with.

We need to strut back on to the court for the third set and spike the ball in the devils court. When we are done with that, we need to raise our hands in praise and chant His sweet name as we leave the game.

Are you stuck in the second set or you headed out for the third?

Let’s pray

Almighty Father thank you for picking us to play on Your team. We might not be the best players but we are ready for the third set. You are our leader and our coach and we know that You will lead us to victory. When we puff up our chest and start to think that we are untouchable gently remind us that we can not let our guard down. Remind us that we have to fight the fight every day. In order to be Your hands and feet we must be ready to sweat, run, serve and spike. We want to make You the proud coach to a winning team. In Jesus name, amen.

My favorite part of my daughters volleyball games is that her sisters have no idea if her team is winning or losing so they constantly chant “Go Sissy Go!”. We call her Bear and I can’t help but to cheer for her by yelling “Go Bear”. We just might be the most embarrassing family in the stands. I’m totally cool with that.

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