So Clever

Have you noticed the newest cool thing to say? If you have a teen or preteen you have.

It’s written on their books, walls, instagram, hands, tshirts and anywhere else they can put it. YOLO. It means You Only Live Once. I’ve noticed that the majority of the time it is used when doing something wild and off the wall.

I saw bracelets with YOLO written on them at the store the other day. I didn’t buy one and I wouldn’t let me daughter buy one.

I’m guessing whomever thought of it thinks that they’re pretty clever and honestly, they are. They have tons and tons of people using their saying in an effort to be hip.

Wasting The Gift

You Only Live Once. I could have used that one several times back in my early twenties. Every time I screwed up I could have yelled “YOLO!”.

I once drove to a city 7 hours away in the middle of the night with my cousins just to have a road trip and to tell a friend hello. “YOLO!”

I stopped going to class in college so that I could sleep in and hang out in that cool college town. “YOLO!”

I ran off to Las Vegas and got married on my 24th birthday. “YOLO!”

More than once I drank myself sick and got behind the wheel of a car. “YOLO!”

I denied God because well, I was just too cool. “YOLO!”

My oldest daughter spent our car ride home from school the other day explaining to me what YOLO means. She thinks that I’m extremely old and that I have no idea what’s going on in the cool kid world.
She told me that the kids at her school use it when they do something crazy like kiss a boy or disrespect a teacher.

She said that it’s a battle cry of sorts.

I told her that YOLO is brilliant and she should think a little harder about what it means.

Get It Right

You Only Live Once. You better try to get it right while you can.

You only live once so why chance living without a Savior.

You only live once so why not spend it telling everyone about Jesus and what He did for us.
You only live once so why spend it searching for answers when they are written in the bible.

You only live once so live it boldly shouting the Lord’s name.
You only live once so live it in a way that others can see Jesus through you.

You only live once so do what you are passionate about.
You only live once so be kind, forgive, give grace, have mercy and pray.

I’m more of a WWJD girl myself.

I bet Jesus wore a t-shirt under His robe with YOLO written on it.

He knew that His time here on earth was limited and that He had tons to get done before He went to the cross. I can almost guarantee that he never wasted a minute trying to fit in or jump on the current trend. He had one chance to get it right and get it done.  He knew for a fact that His father was watching Him and He wanted to make our heavenly Father proud. He had lives to save, people to heal, words to teach, grace to spread and forgiveness to give.

Why should we be any different?


I don’t want to waste this life that my heavenly Father gave me. I want to use every minute living a life that glorifies His great name. I want to set an example for my daughters that will help mold them into wonderful women. I want to be a wife that makes my husband so proud  he brags about it to his friends. I want to serve God, serve my husband, serve my children and serve all of Gods children. At the end of the day I want to scream YOLO because I have accomplished becoming the woman that God designed me to be.

What’s your YOLO?

Are you living it?

What are you waiting for?

Let’s Pray

Father teach me how to be exactly what You created me to be. Show me how to live a life that glorifies You and what You have prepared for us in heaven. Help me to not waste this life that you gave me. Guide me to live out Your will and not my own. When my thoughts fill with excuses gently take them from me and replace them with courage. In Jesus name, amen”.

I think that I am going to start severely over using YOLO with my oldest daughter to see how sick of it I can make her. I might even yell it out the car window every morning when I drop her off at school. Fun for me, not for her.

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