Jumping The Fence

Beauty Behind The Fence

It takes about 2 minutes to get to the triplets school in the mornings. We take that two minutes to roll down all the windows and check out whats going on in our neighborhood. There are tons of deer where we live. We literally have a deer trail in our front yard from them using it as a short cut.

Our little city has some sort of ordinance about not feeding them but I don’t think anyone abides by it. This time of year there are several baby deer (fawn) everywhere and even more huge buck. Since they are protected where will live the buck grow to be pretty grand.

There is a house on the corner of our street that has an iron fence all the way around the property. It’s a pretty tall fence, not one I would attempt to leap over. The yard is huge and full of trees, bushes and tall grass. One day a few weeks ago we noticed three little baby deer laying down in the tall grass.


The girls have named them and we call out to them every morning.

After I drop the girls off at school I usually take a walk around the neighborhood. Every time I pass this house I take a minute to watch these little deer run around together behind the safety of the iron fence. They are adorable.

I love when the triplets yell for us to put the windows down so that they can call out to their fellow triplets who get to play in the yard all day while they go to school. One of my girls told me how lucky the deer were because they got to stay in that pretty yard all day.

Beyond The Fence

Are they really that lucky?

Sure they’re safe behind that iron gate but what are they missing because of their confinement. I wonder if they can jump the fence but choose to stay on their two acre property.

There is so much more to our neighborhood than just that house. There are some horse stables down the street. We have our own little fire station, school and police station.

Every house has at least 20 trees in it’s front yard. Ours has 72 and we don’t even have the most. There are countless deer trails all over the place.

Are these sweet little deer missing out on all of this just to stay safe and comfortable with what they know?

Jump The Fence

I tend to do the same.

I eat lunch with the same friends every single day. I adore them and it is our time for fellowship but what if each one of us branched out and had lunch with other coworkers. What if we spread our fellowship hour (or two) beyond the safe fence of our group of friends.

We attend the same church twice a week and my husband is up there coaching every day. I love it there but what if we took our church across town and had worship with people we have never met.

We get so comfortable in our little world that we fail to see what else God has prepared for us. It becomes so safe behind our iron fence that we don’t even realize that there is an entire world going on around us.

Heck, all you have to do is browse facebook and see how small our own little worlds are.

What would happen if we jumped the iron fence. What would we get to experience if we ventured out. Who would we get to meet? Who would we get to touch and how many more brothers and sisters in Christ would we gain.

We can’t grow God’s kingdom sitting behind our iron fence. We can’t be the hands and feet of Christ by walking on the same ground day in and day out.

We can stay in our safe zone but that’s not what God call us to do. We are to be His hands and feet and how are we going to do that behind our fence.

Go into

“And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15

He didn’t say to talk about Him with the same people day in and day out. He didn’t say to stay in our neighborhoods and be comfortable. He told us to “Go into”.

Move. Leave. Go. Walk. Run. Scoot. Shuffle.

Are you stuck behind an iron fence? Are you walking around and around with the same people every day or are you jumping the fence to experience the rest of the beauty that God offers.

Are you His hands and feet or pretty yard art?

Let’s Pray

Wondrous Father thank you for the beauty that You have given us. Help us to jump our iron fence and venture out to unknown ground so that we can experience everything that You have given us. When we stay still in our comfort zone gently remind us that You have called us to be Your Hands and Feet and guide us to where You want to use us. Give us courage. In Jesus name, amen”.

The deer in our neighborhood are beautiful. We love to watch them graze in our yard and we can’t help but to stop stare at them. The adorable right up to the point when we step in their poop. Not so cute after that.

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