Thanking God For Broccoli

More Funner

Yesterday my family took advantage of the amazing weather we are having. We took the girls to a couple Farmers Markets and then window shopped at one of our outdoor malls. The extent of our spending was a bag of kettle corn which we all shared and three homemade, all natural, super yummy popsicles.

After that ball of excitement we drove around in an old neighborhood looking at houses for sale. The girls were exhausted but patiently and quietly endured our house browsing. At one point we pulled up to one of the houses and my husband and I got out and peeked in the windows, not stalker style, it was empty.

When we got back in the car our youngest daughter said “You and daddy make the world more funner” .

Be still my heart.

To be honest, we’re very boring. My kids are simple to a fault.

We once took them to the Disney Store in our downtown mall (it’s huge) and they told everyone they knew that we took them to Disney World. I think that we’ll take them there once a year and call it our family vacation. Today we played softball in the front yard and you would have thought that we took them to Fenway Park.

Oh how I pray that the kids in their classes don’t let the cat out of the bag about how lame our family really is compared to others. We like to keep their exceptions of fun at a low so that if we ever really do something cool we will look super awesome.

Well, that and we simply can’t afford it. Clearly it’s working because our day of Farmers Markets and window/house shopping made us some world changing fun parents.

Extreme Expectations

I wish that my expectations of God reflected my daughters expectations of me. They never beg for anything. They never expect me or my husband to prove to them what kind of parents we are and they are grateful for the tinniest things that we do for them.

Just this weekend alone they cheered for us because we bought them raw broccoli. They cheered for us because we got them a bag (just one bag) of popcorn. They cheered for us because we drove them up and down several streets looking at houses. They cheered for us for swinging the baseball bat with them and they cheered for us because we played the “hiney getter” game with them (long story).

Not once did they expect greatness from us. Not once did they expect something grand.

Do we do the same with our heavenly Father or are we waiting for Him to go big. I admit that I forgot to thank God for the extremely simple things this weekend until I got in bed on Sunday. All week and I had been asking Him for something big, something life changing, something extreme.

I got irritated with Him for not letting me win the lottery. I got upset with Him when I lost an account at work. I question Him as I sat through a concerning doctor appointment and I got down right mad at Him when a friends husband walked out on her and her children.

Who do I think that I am?

Being Still

We want huge miracle from Him. We want Him to actually show us His face. We want validation, confirmation, results, answers and blessings all at the same time. He gave us the blood of His son for crying out loud. Is that not enough? He never said that we would live a life free of struggles.

He simply promised us everlasting life in His kingdom if we believed in His son. Period.

I’ve become a spoiled brat. I demand the things that I want. I expect results from my diligent works as a Christian, as if doing them promised me anything.

I need to learn how to be still, be grateful and be simple.

I need to learn to accept when I don’t receive my wants and instead be thankful that I have my needs. I need to learn how to expect just enough and reject the feelings of wanting more. I need to learn how to cheer for raw broccoli, a single bag of popcorn, long drives with the family, swinging a baseball bat and playing the hiney getter game.

Are you waiting for God to go big?

He already has. Take a look around.

His miracles are in the eyes of our children, the trees that touch the sky, love inside your heart, food on your table, the freedom to pray and even the broccoli growing from the ground.

Let’s stop searching for more and focus instead on the blessings we have along the way.

Are you asking God what’s next? Are you asking Him for more? Are you waiting for Him to go big or are you thanking Him for making the world “more funner”?

Let’s pray

Sweet Heavenly Father thank you for filling everyday with blessings so simple that we almost look right over them. Help us to focus on our gifts and be still in Your love. When we are begging for something more gently turn our heads to see all the wonders that You have already put in front of us. May the blood of Your son be enough for us. In Jesus name, amen.

I have to admit that the mock baseball game was going great right up until the point that my husband accidentally pegged our daughter in the ankle with the ball. It wasn’t so “much funner” after that.

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