Second Story Fan

Game On

Last night my oldest daughter had a volleyball game and my husband had a football game to coach. That meant that I had to take the triplets to my daughters volleyball game by myself while he coached his team on the other side of town.

First of all, the game started at 6:30pm and my daughters bedtime is 7pm. Problem number one.

Problem number two was that my autistic daughter does not do well at sporting events. I mean not well at all. We met my exhusband (oldest daughters daddy) in the parking lot and headed into the game.

He made it through the door with two triplets and I was stuck outside trying to talk the third one into going inside to watch her sissy play volleyball.

She was not having it. She kept begging me to take her home. She was crying because she is scared of the buzzer and she didn’t like how many people were in the stands. She braced her hands and feet against the door frame while I was trying to walk in with her. I was sweating, stressing, panicking and trying not to burst in to tears.

I wanted to watch my daughter play. I wanted to sit with my other girls and my daughters daddy and I wanted my autistic daughter to be okay.

My prince charming swooped in to save the day.

Second Floor

The security guard offered to let us in the hall on the second floor so that we could watch the game through the windows. Justin and I watched the game from the second store through a thick pane of glass right behind the basketball net.

My exhusband got to sit court side with my other two triplets. They were sweet enough to give us a wave every so often and he shot me as many humors texts as he could to keep me from completely melting down.

When I finally took a minute to breath I noticed the huge smile on Justin’s face. She turned to me and said “Wow, it’s really quiet up here. I like it”. She cheered for her sissy louder than anyone else down there in the gym. She kept yelling “Go Sissy Go, That’s my girl!”. She smiled, cheered, laughed and sang, all from the worst seats in the building.

She made me realize that I didn’t need to be a front row fan, as long as I was cheering with heart then it didn’t matter where I sat or what my view was.

Isn’t that what Jesus wants from us.

He doesn’t care is you are in a million dollar church or a one room concrete building. He doesn’t care if you’re the pastor, the usher, the choir director or just sitting in the congregation. It’s not about your position on the court, it’s about how you play the game.

Justin and I couldn’t hear a thing from where we were sitting and they couldn’t hear us but that didn’t stop Justin from cheering as loud as she could.

My sweet daughter who was playing on the court made sure to wave to Justin as often as she could to let her know that she knew she had a cheerleader up on the second floor and that Justin’s cheering mattered to her.

Jesus just wants us to love Him.

We can love Him from our house or our church, from our car or our office, He doesn’t care. You don’t have to make a grand entrance or be the loudest on in praise, just show up and let Him know you are His.

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19. Come follow me.

He didn’t day that you must be more of a fan of Him than the others. He didn’t say that you must praise His name the loudest.  He didn’t say that you must sit closet to Him.  He simply said “Come follow me”.

Are you sitting on the second floor looking through a thick pane of glass, watching the others sit court side? Jesus loves you just the same.

He simply wants to see your smile when you look at Him. He wants to watch you wave at him in pure happiness. You don’t have to sit with the others in the bleachers, there’s a great view behind the basketball net on the second floor.

Let’s pray

Gracious Father thank you for loving us no matter where we praise Your great name. Your grace on us when we wave desperately from the second floor is nothing that we could ever measure. When we feel like we are less of Your child because we aren’t court side, gently remind us that Your love has no boundaries. In Jesus name, amen”.

I am extremely grateful for the relationship that I have with my exhusband and thankful that he gladly took two of my girls to sit with him during the game. However, I have to admit that it was kind of fun watching him try to contain and entertain two 6 year olds and watch our daughter play at the same time. It made my seat for the game look like the VIP box.

One thought on “Second Story Fan

  1. Jesus always looks at our heart..well said! So glad she decided to watch the game! You are right.. it is never about “where” we are, but “where” are heart is when we worship our King Jesus! I talk to Him all the are very talented and can write beautifully! 🙂

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