A Beautiful Mess


Date Night

My husband and I got to have a date night this weekend. We actually got a whole day and night without the girls. This is a very rare event in our lives and only happens about once a year. We dropped the kids off with their Gigi and decided to drive around the Texas hill country.

I wish that I could bottle up the amazing views from the back roads and sell it on Etsy. I would be a millionaire.

We took a mini tour of our beautiful state. We ended up in one of the greatest small towns that Texas has. It has the cutest shops and some very unique restaurants. I think that we went in to every store on Main Street and then ended up in the towns beer brewery that also dubs as a restaurant. The German food was amazing!

While we were sitting there eating my husband  told me “Your arms look really skinny”.  I gave him a curious look and said thank you but secretly wondered if he was coming down with the flu or maybe food poisoning. He was delusional.

After a quick stop at the ice cream shop (it probably went straight to my newly skinny arms!) we headed back to the car so that we could make our way to the next little town.

The Mirror

When we got in the car I pulled the sun visor down, slide the plastic cover over and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. WHAT! OUCH! I had completely forgotten that I hadn’t taken a shower that morning or put on make up.

I thought that we were just going to drop the kids off at grandmas and then head home. We changed our plans somewhere in the middle and here I was a dirty mess. After blaming my husband for what I looked like and questioning him over and over as to why he didn’t tell me that I looked this way, he sweetly told me that I’m beautiful and he didn’t realize that I looked any different than I always do.

Oh that food poisoning must really be kicking in at this point.

A few miles later down an old country road it hit me. He doesn’t ever see me as anything but beautiful. He loves me because of who I am. The fact that he loves goes much deeper than the surface of my skin doesn’t allow him to see me as anything but pretty.

I can look in the mirror and see oily hair, dark under eye circles, a pimple or two (seven), flabby arms, inch long roots and so much more. He doesn’t see any of that. I’m his wife and the mother of his little girls, that’s what he sees. Oh heck, I hope he doesn’t need glasses!

Our Fathers Love

Our heavenly Fathers love for us is much the same. I can’t compare it to the love that my husband has for me because my Fathers love is much deeper and stronger than anything my husband could ever offer.

When we come to our Father with an ugly heart and dirty soul, He only sees His beautiful child. When we come to Him with sin and hate, He only sees His beautiful child. When we come to him with unforgiveness, He only sees his beautiful child. When we come to Him with doubt and fear, he only sees His beautiful child.

How can He love us so much? How can He see us as something beautiful when we know what lies inside of us?

We are His idea and His creation and nothing we do or say can change that for us. His love is never failing. When we are on our knees begging him to forgive us, to take care of us, to love us, to make us new again, He is way ahead of us.  He loves us so much that He has gone before us.

Picture your child choosing a college. You go to each school that they want to attend and you spend time there getting to know every detail about every school. You throw out the ones that won’t be good for your child until you find the perfect school.

You then go home to your child and tell the where they need to go. In protest the argue with you that the school you chose is not the one that they want. But you’ve been to the school that they want and you know that they will fail if they go there. You patiently explain to your child that you have gone to all the schools before they had a chance to go so that you could make sure they went to the right place. You have paved the right path for them and all they have to do is follow it. If your child trust you and trust that you went before them and that you have their best interest at heart then they will succeed.

That is our Fathers love for us. That is how He goes before us. That is how He knows the right path for you even if it is not the one you hoped for or the one that you want.

Trust in our Father.

His love for you is unmeasurable. The way that He only sees the beauty in you is indescribable. His desire for you to have the best of everything is a gift that we can’t earn. Our hair is oily, we have dark circles under our eyes and we have a face covered in pimples but He only sees our skinny arms.

Let’s pray

Loving Father thank you for loving us at our worst. Thank you for seeing us as beautiful even at our ugliest. Help us to accept Your love and understand that it has no limits. When we can’t see why the path that we want is not the right one, gently remind us that You have gone before us. Remind us that Your love for us is what guides us to the right places. In Jesus name, amen.

Of course right when my husband points out my newly skinny arms a cold front blows in and reminds me that winter is coming and I need to cover up. Would it be weird to wear a tank top in winter?

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