No More Simple Sunday Church!

I don’t want to go to church on Sundays anymore.

My youngest daughter is always bugging me about Sundays… “Is today Sunday?”… “If today’s Saturday that means tomorrows Sunday, right?”… “Do you and daddy teach in the morning so that we can go early?”

Enough already kid!

I’m sick of Sunday clothes, or church clothes as some may call them. I’m over after church lunches where we recap the days sermon. We take the same route to church every time and I see the same thing over and over, it’s getting redundant.

We sit in the same seats every Sunday. The seats don’t have our names on them but the do have our butt imprints. When we greet our neighbors we shake hands and hug the same people every time. Smile and wave, smile and wave.

As you drive out of our church there are signs and they do not read “thanks for coming” or “have a nice day” or “we loved having you”. They read “You Are Now Entering Your Mission Field”. AHHHH there it is!

Sunday church should be our fueling station, not our weeks worth of God time. I want to be in a constant state of “church”, Sunday through Saturday, 24/7, 365. Of course I want my daughter to beg to go to church but I don’t want her to think that it is reserved for Sundays. I want her to spread the good word every where she goes all of the time. I don’t want to show up to church early because I have to teach, I want to be teaching all the time.

Why do we have church clothes? Does it matter if we show up in a rhinestone dress or our pajamas? Certainly God doesn’t care what we clothe ourselves in.

And as for Sunday lunch, well it’s pointless to sit and talk to people about the sermon when those people were sitting in there with you. Why aren’t we out talking about the sermon with someone who didn’t get a chance to hear it?

How often are we inviting new people to join us, not because our church is super amazing but because we want their hearts to be filled with the love of the Lord? The seat that we sit in each week is loosing its cushion.

It’s our safe zone.

What would happen if we went four aisles over and two aisles down? Or heck, what if we showed up at a completely different church for one Sunday? What if that spot is the one God wants us in so that we can reach someone in that area that needs us?

But I’m SO comfortable in my usual spot!!

Our path to church is so predictable. What if we took the long way? I don’t have any idea what would happen because we have never been adventurous enough to try it.

If we are supposed to be Gods hands and feet then we need to get uncomfortable.

We need to get our hands dirty and put some mile on our feet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my church and will never stop going but I don’t want to leave it at that. I want to truly be the hands and feet of our Lord. I want to show up to church in jeans and a tshirt because church is where ever I am.

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15.

He didn’t say to “come in,” He said to “go into.” He didn’t say sit in the same comfortable seat and get your one hour of free and easy religion for the week.

He said GO and PREACH to ALL creation.

He’s telling us to get down and dirty, to get serious, to get wild and passionate about growing His kingdom.

That means to skip Sunday lunch with your regular church buddies and go out and spread what you just heard. Eat lunch with the homeless this Sunday instead of with your friends and see what it does to you. It will stir your soul.

Show up in a tshirt that reads “Jesus wore a dirty robe and that was His Sunday’s best”.

Show up late because you spent extra time preaching to a nonbeliever. Sit four aisles over and two aisles down or better yet sit on the sidewalk next to a homeless friend.

Wake your kids up on a Thursday and say “lets go to church” instead of “It’s time for school”. They are little disciples and their school is their mission field. We need to make them brave and bold in their faith and let them know that every day is church and every day is the perfect day to spread the word.

If we don’t show them how to do that then where in the world do we think they are going to learn it.

Hold on, I’m breaking a sweat here and I’m just getting started.

Let’s stop seeing what we can get out of our church and start finding ways we can give to those who need us.

Who the heck do we think that we are asking what the church is going to do for us! The church doesn’t owe us a thing and it’s not there to serve us, we are there to serve it and it is there to serve our Lord.

There are those who need our faith, our conviction, our compassion, our knowledge of the Word, and yes, sometimes they might even need our money.

Yikes! Why would i even bring that up, What a jerk I can be.

Well, 95% of us are have enough money that we can go to the grocery store at least once a week and stock our refrigerators. Some of us have enough money for vacations, nice clothes and jewelry, don’t get me started on shoes or my girlfriends will kill me.

What if we gave up those luxuries to help even the playing field with the less fortunate? What if we gave as much as we took? Not just with money but with time, with love, with generosity, with compassion.

Lets stop asking what’s in it for us and start understanding that we have already been giving our gift, our “prize”, our inheritance and we better start sharing.

Let’s pray

Generous Father thank you for the abundance of blessings that You pour out on us daily. Help us to let go of our selfish human ways and turn our gifts in to blessings for others. Wipe the dirt from our eyes with Your saliva so that we can see again. Show us how to create church where ever we are.

In Jesus name, Amen

I’ll give up my shoes, I’ll give up Sunday lunch, I’ll give up buying expensive shampoo but if you EVER try to take away my Sunday morning breakfast taco be prepared for a knife fight. 

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