Who Wants My Stuff?!

My sister is crazy

Today’s blog has nothing to do with her, I just wanted to throw that out there. I’m kidding of course. Not the part about her being crazy, that’s totally true, but about my blog not being about her.

We talk no less than 7 times a day and really never have anything new to say. Last night she text me a picture of a baby that she took pictures of the other day.

She’s not a creepy lady who takes random pictures of babies, she’s a photographer. Well, she’s a photographer, sales rep, teacher, bartender, a doctor (thanks WebMD) and the list goes on and on. I never know what her new job is going to be.

Anyways, she text me a picture of the baby and this is what followed.

Her :Look at this little angel, so sweet right?
Me :Who is that sweet little baby. Can I have it?
Her :Probably, I’ll call her tomorrow and ask. I shot her today. Love saying that
Me : Good, I’ll go get a blanket and some baby soap. That’s all I need right?..I love it when you shoot people
Her : Yep, got a bottle? And some Big Red should be fine.
Me :Babies LOVE big red! No bottles but I can just soak a sponge and let her suck on it
Her : An old sponge, she’ll never know the difference.

It went on for another hour but got to an inappropriate level so I’ll just leave you with that.

She’s a nut.

Yesterday she called me with her latest and greatest idea of selling off her belongings, including her home, and moving to a small town near by. It would be perfect for raising her chickens, yep she has chickens. She was going to move and live off the fat of the land, send her kids to small town schools, take care of everyone and their grandma (literally) and I believe she said something about becoming a cheerleader.

She’s the most grounded unstable person I know.

As we were talking we got on a tangent about doing whatever we want. Why don’t we just do what we want to do instead of what society thinks we should do?

Both of us come up with a new life changing adventure every few weeks. But really, why don’t we do what we want?

My friend packed up her family and moved to Nicaragua to do missionary work. That takes guts.

My other friend quit her extremely stable job, moved to a small town and started a dance studio. That takes confidence.

I want to empty our house. I want to give away all the “things” that seem so insignificant. I’m looking around at all the silly things that we spent actual money on.

Here’s the small list: An OU Fathead helmet (don’t ask), an antique key that hangs on the doorknob of our door headboard, three tiny milk jugs that have Live Laugh Love written on them, countless books, vinyl stickers on the walls with cute sayings, a welcome sign with The Curry’s painted on it. I could go on and on.

Did we really spend money on all of this?

There are children going to sleep hungry tonight and I’m buying welcome signs for my house. Sick.

My Job & then my passion

Then there’s my job. It’s a great job with great benefits and an amazing schedule. I am responsible for helping support many little people and making sure that they have food in their tummies.

I sell food for a living but the job does nothing to feed my soul.

I want to run this ministry full time. I want to write a book (I seriously just heard my English major smart friends gasp). I want to travel and speak to women’s groups. I want to open a little boutique/bakery and have sweet women come in there and worship our Savior while they make their own Leave It At The Cross canvas.

Why do I fear going for it? I know for a fact that God will provide no matter what. I know that all these possessions that cluster up in my home mean nothing. I know that I want to do something with my life that my children will be proud of, that my husband will admire and that will help other people.

Jesus had the clothes on his back and the sandals on his feet. That’s it. His life’s work was to minister, heal and lead. I always say that I want to be more like Him and less like me.

So what the heck am I doing? Are you living a life that fills your soul and feeds your faith?

I get that we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed and our jobs are a necessity but what about the other hours in your day? Are you using every second to glorify God, to help those in need, to minister, to bless, to grow His kingdom?

I’m not. I’m a slacker.

I’m excited that the kids bible study starts back up next month so that will give me more time in the ministry but its 2 hours a week and that’s just not enough.

I’m going for it! I’m going to give 110%. Who’s in?

Let’s pray

“Awesome Father take away our fears and reservations and help us to be all in. Remind us each day that You will provide and that Your provisions are enough. Take away our need to fill our lives with stuff. Empty us completely so that there will be room for You to fill us back up with our needs and Your blessings. Help us to walk away from the things that take away from our time with You and push us gently in to the things that help us to glorify You.

In Jesus name, Amen”.

If I give away all of our belongings and quit my job, I can always move out to my sisters and eat chicken and eggs from her make shift farm.

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