Not My Daughters

His Girls

My husband and I are the proud parents to five of the most amazing little girls.

Our oldest completed her first year of middle school last year without making a single B. She was a straight A student all year long. She plays the violin, the saxophone and excels at volleyball. She was asked to be in the honors theater arts class and didn’t even try out for it.

Our middle daughter is smart as a whip. She is a social butterfly and leads her team in softball. She has a smile that can light up a room.

The oldest triplet has a giggle that will make you melt and can tell a story for hours.

Our middle triplet can memorize bible verses better than our preacher and is the funniest person I know.

Last but not least, the baby of the bunch. She is witty, quick and the most compassionate little girl that God has ever made.

Neither my husband nor I can take an ounce of credit for any of this. The truth is, these aren’t our children. They do not belong to us.

We can pat ourselves on the back for making sure they get to church and show up for children’s bible study on Wednesday nights.

We can try to take credit for the fact that they are all kind, compassionate and considerate.

The fact of the matter is that these five little girls belong to God. He’s just letting us borrow them. For some reason that I will never understand, He is letting us be their parents. He trusts us to care for them and raise them to be faithful loving Christians.

Our Responsibility

It’s been making me do a double take of my life lately.

Am I setting the right example for them every single day? Am I instilling Christian values in them every single day? Am I a role model for the do’s or the don’ts? Do I place more value on what they look like on the outside than I do on what they look like on the inside? Am I teaching them to be disciples, to be the hands and feet of our Savior?

Oh the pressure!!

God didn’t hand theses angels to us and tell us that just enough will be good enough. He wants us to grow these girls so that they can go out and grow His kingdom.

How do we equip ourselves for that?

It’s actually written out for us. We have a manual.

God gave us a reference guide, a life map, a book of instructions and it is the number one best selling book of all time so there is obviously something to it, wouldn’t you say?

Each of my triplets received a new bible on Sunday from their Sunday school teachers. It is a rite of passage as they leave the children’s Sunday school part of the church and move on to the elementary school part.

You should see the pride on their faces as they carry their new bibles around.

Myleigh, my oldest triplet, walks around with hers opened as if she is really reading it. She keeps telling us that she’s about to get to the part about Jesus. I love it.

What if we always carried around a bible, opened, ready for us to dive in? What if we had our life manual in our hands all day every day?

I think I would probably stop and think a little harder about the choices that I make if I had that constant reminder in my hands. It shouldn’t be that way. I shouldn’t need my bible in my hand in order to make good choices.

Luckily God puts blessings in front of us every day to remind us that we need to strive to be the best Christan that we can be.

All I need is a little five year old to look up at me with her bible in her hand to know that I need to make sure that I am living a life that glorifies God.

Our Challenge

I think it’s time for me to serious evaluate every aspect of my life and do a little house cleaning. Of course I don’t mean real house cleaning, I’m allergic to cleaning, that’s my husbands specialty not mine.

I mean that I need to figure out what things in my life are heavy weights that are making me drag my feet and what things lift me up. What things in my life are letting me raise my hands in praise and what things have my hands pinned down?

I want my little girls to know that I had enough courage and faith to fully follow Christ at any cost.

Are your hands raised high in praise or are they too weighed down?

Are you living every moment to glorify our Savior or are you doing just enough to get by?

What if we all took a stand and left the weights behind?

Let’s pray

Gracious Father help us to put down the things in our lives that keep us from focusing on You. Take the weight from our arms and let us raise them in praise. Remind us each day that we are setting the example for the generation that is rising up to take our place. In

Jesus name,


My husband and I were at the grocery store with the girls last night and after a few people had stopped us to ask the standard triplet questions, my youngest daughter turned to me and said “Mom, why did you have so many kids?”.

Because God’s just that cool honey.

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