Dear Me,

I have a few things that I need to tell you.

I know that you think you are old and wise but you are only 16 and have no idea what is ahead of you.

First of all you don’t have to build that wall around you, no one is really out to get you, it just feels that way.

Those girls that you see at school that you think are too smart for you to talk to, talk to them anyways. They don’t think that they are better than you. You might be surprised about how they really feel about you. Don’t waste time, you’re about to miss out on years of a very important friendship.

Speaking of relationships, don’t push that boy away. He really does love and respect you. I know you think that you don’t deserve him but you do sweet girl. Be nicer to him!

Oh and cut mom some slack, she is working her tail off to make sure you get all the cool things that the other kids have so that you don’t feel any more out of place than you already do.

Put the screen back on the window when you sneak out, moms not a moron she knows what you do.

Don’t make fun of the crappy car that she gets, it’s what she can afford and will get you to place that you need to be.

When big brother calls at 4 in the morning telling you that he is sleeping in his car because dad didn’t pay for his college like he said he did, tell mom even though he tells you not to. This is one of those time that you shouldn’t keep his secrets. Always kiss brother and give him lots of hugs, he loves you more than anyone ever has and ever will. You are always going to be his baby sister.

Slow down little girl, you don’t need to grow up so quickly.

When dad sends that guy to pick you up from school, don’t get in the car. Nothing good will come from it.

Defend yourself.

Educate yourself.

For crying out loud, just go to class! I promise that life will be easier if you just give in and go to school. That hill that you have to climb to get from your dorm to your classes isn’t really that big and you need the exercise!

While you are running around at college, call mom, she is worried sick.

When you quit school please think twice about where you apply for a job, it will dictate your career path. There is going to be a guy that comes in to your work every day and none of the girls will want to wait on him. He might be a little obnoxious but please be kind to him. Yes, he comes there because the uniforms are short orange shorts and a tank top that you shouldn’t be wearing but he is lonely and just needs a friend. He is going to pass away alone in his house and it might make a difference if you just be kind to him.

Can we talk about your hair. Put down the dye , jet black hair does not look right on a natural blonde. You’ll end up at the salon for hours while your best friends mom tries to fix it back to blonde but it wont be the same.

The day that you cut off 24 inches and donate it is a good day, not the end of your life. Your hair will grow back so don’t hide in the bathroom.

Oh and tattoos are permanent, keep that in mind.

Spend more time with your niece and nephew.

Tell your friends that you love them every chance you get.

Your funny but learn that there is a time and place for it. Put a filter on your mouth!

Ask for help, you don’t have to be super woman.

You’re going to want to be a good mom from the moment you become a mother. Your selfish ways need to be thrown away. Don’t wait until she’s 3 to realize that you aren’t the kid anymore. Be a good mom from day one.

When the little brothers and sister are born put your jealousy aside and be a part of their lives, you do not want to waste so many years trying to prove a point. Go love on them.

There’s going to be a man that comes in to your life. Don’t act like you don’t need anyone, he wants to love you, let him. You won’t be the perfect wife and he won’t be the perfect husband. Love him for all of the things that he does right and don’t hate him for the one thing that he does wrong.

Be kind and understanding to him, he’s human just like you and he deals with all of your craziness.

Now I need you to really pay attention here. You’re going to be driving down the road one day and your hearts going to fill with the need to forgive dad.

Candice, pull over and forgive him that very second. Call him or email him, I don’t care just do it. You’re “too late” is going to be only months always so stop being stubborn, stop proving a point and just forgive.

When brother calls you to let you know about dads suicide, just breath.

Don’t obsess over it.

Don’t go to that hotel.

Let it go, it has nothing to do with you and is not your fault.

The most important thing that I need you to know is that God is real, stop denying Him. He is your Father and He loves you. He is not putting these trials in your life as punishment, they are to form you in to the women that He intends for you to be. The devil loves you because you think that you are just like him, you are not!

You are smart and kind. You are worth more than precious jewels.

I want you to repeat that in your head as often as possible.

You are a daddy’s girl. Your Father is God in heaven and He truly wants great things for you, accept it. Accept His gift as early as you can, don’t waste another minute hiding from Him.

I promise you that you are going to need Him so start getting to know Him now.

Be brave little girl.

Keep your focus on God.

We just might turn out to be not so bad.

I love you.


P.S. One last thing. Stop waiting so long to renew the inspection sticker on your car. It’s going to land you a trip to jail if your not careful!

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