OK! OK! I’m awake!

I downloaded a new app on my phone to use as my alarm in the morning. The clever person who created the app made it so that you have to shake your phone if you want to snooze after the alarm starts going off. If you want to kill the alarm all together then you will need to complete a math problem. Well, there are two things that I am terrible at in the morning, physical activity and thinking. My alarm went off this morning and I gave it a little shake so that I could steal an extra 6 minutes out of the day. Nothing happened, the alarm was still going off. I shook it a little harder. The buzzing continued. I gave it a violent shake and it finally stopped. My arm might be sore tomorrow. A few short minutes later it went off again. Time for the math problem. Luckily the app gave me a choice on easy, medium and hard math. I went with the easy. The problem was 9-5. I had to think about it for about 7 seconds before I figured it out. I entered it, the alarm went off and I had started off my day being frustrated, sore and over worked. I should go back to bed and start over. I’m sitting at my desk reading work emails and mapping out my work day. I should call in sick, or dead. The thought of having to put make up on is very unappealing right now. I have to wake the triplets up for school. If you have ever had to wake up a five year old at 6am to get them to do do something that they don’t want to do then you know where I’m coming from but imagine it times 3. I should let them skip school. It’s not like they are going to fail kindergarten because they missed a day. I can hear my husband making his coffee. Soon the noises will start. Blowing his nose, sipping his coffee, doesn’t he know how rough my morning has been already, quiet down! Then there is the morning walk that I have committed myself to. Yuck. If I skip a day would it matter? Probably not but I know that that guilt will start creeping up on me throughout the day. Wow, what is wrong with me? Did the devil sneak in a pour some of his discouragement dust on me in the middle of the night? How did he get in here? I hate when he gets in my head first thing in the morning. I bet he came through that alarm app that makes you do physically and mental activity in the morning. Cruel and unusual punishment just has to come from that jerk. My friend wrote to me last night and included this. “Satan is the father of discouragement.” because it teaches something very real–God NEVER sends discouragement. So if we are feeling that, we need to remember its source.” Amen Ash! Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to take my day back. I won’t get back in bed. I will wake my girls with kisses and love. I will make my to do list for work and possibly accomplish a few items on it. That walk that I promised myself just got extended by another mile and as for my noise making husband….well he better quiet down. Fine, I’ll love on him too. One things for sure, I will not allow the devil to dictate my mood for the day and I will not let him put thoughts of discouragement in my head. He is a loser. I think that my new alarm was so confusing and stressful this morning that I forgot to talk to God before doing anything else. Shame on me. I need to talk to him before my eyes open and my feet hit the floor or I am leaving room for the devil to slither his way in. What’s your first thought in the morning? Are you talking to God or thinking about all the things that you have to do today and don’t want to. Don’t let the devil get an early start, take your mornings back. Of course it’s not just about the mornings, the devil will try to sneak his way in all day long so me must keep our focus on God all day, everyday. If you keep your focus and stay in constant pray then what chance does the devil have. “And do not let the devil get a foothold” Ephesians 4:27. That’s a good one. I might need to write it on a post it and stick it on my nightstand. Let’s pray “Faithful Father help us to come to You first thing in the morning. Keep the devil outside where he belongs. When thoughts of discouragement start to creep in to our minds remind us that You are on our side and with You nothings stands a chance against us. Help us to keep our heads held held high and our eyes focused on You. In Jesus name, Amen”. I never pray for bad things to happen to anyone but I have to admit that this morning while I was violently shaking my phone to silence my alarm, I asked God to please give the creator of the app and mild headache, hang nail, stubbed toe, paper cut or anything else that might cause slight pain for him throughout the day.

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