Let The Little Children Come To Me.

After our W3 event at my house on Saturday everyone pitched in to clean up. There were many things that I was thankful for that day but having help cleaning up was what I was most thankful for. I hate cleaning. As a matter of fact, during the event I had my triplets closed off in the back of the house because one was sick and I couldn’t take them anywhere. Most of the house was fresh, clean, smelled good and looked like our crazy family did not live in it. However, behind the door that leads to the office and our bedroom was a disaster. I had three five year olds holed up in there so the expectations of it being clean were pretty low. Once the house emptied and it was just myself and one of my W3 sisters we sat down, had some coffee and recapped our awesome day. In the middle of our conversations my oldest triplets came in to the living room carrying her her bible. She walked right up to my friend and asked her if she could show her the bible. Of course my friend stopped everything and gave my daughter 100% of her attention. My oldest triplet can tell you stories for hours so I thought to myself that I would make sure to let my daughter tell one story and then remind her that she needed to go get ready for bed. My daughter sat down and started thumbing through her bible, she was very serious about it. She told my friend “I need to show you the story about how Jesus died”. As she passed through some of the bible stories she would point things out to my friend like “Oh, there’s Goliath”. When she got to the story of Jesus and His cross she stopped and recapped it for my friend. My sweet friend never took her eyes off of my daughter and her bible and listen patiently as my daughter gave her version of the greatest event in history. I couldn’t stop my daughter and tell her that she needed to go to bed. Her little five year old heart was preaching to my friend and she didn’t have a single reservation about it. She ended her story by saying that a bright light came down and took Jesus up to heaven and we get to go to heaven with him when we die. My friend and daughter talked about how much Jesus loves us and all the wonderful things we get when we go to heaven. It was amazing. My little girl doesn’t know that there are people that don’t believe in Jesus but she makes sure that she talks to everyone about Him. She a five year old disciple and I couldn’t be more proud. My little girl has no idea that what she knows in her heart and wholeheartedly believes in can make people go crazy debating it. She has no idea that what she knows makes people boycott fast food chains. She has no idea that what she knows makes people hate each other. She has an innocent soul and a heart completely in love with the One who gave His life for her and she can’t wait to tell people about it. I wish I was just like her. I wish that I would just randomly walk up to people and show them my bible. I wish I would just turn to the page that details our Saviors sacrifice for us and say “I need to show you the story about how Jesus died”. I don’t. There’s a reason that Jesus loves the little children of the world. When the disciples were trying to keep the children away from Jesus so they wouldn’t bother Him, Jesus made His love for them very clear, check it out. Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.
Matthew 19:13-15

Did you catch that part where Jesus said “for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”? Jesus is flat out telling us that we need to be more like a five year old who’s faith and trust is pure and untainted. If we want heavens kingdom then we need to take a lesson from the little girl who marches in to a room with her bible in hand, fearlessly opens it up and tells everyone in the room that she needs to tell them the story about how Jesus died. She didn’t know if my friend new about Jesus or believed in Him and she didn’t care, she needed to tell her about Him. Do you fearlessly spread God’s good news the way a child would. Are you up for that challenge? Are you ready to be five again? It’s not me issuing the challenge, it’s Jesus. Let’s pray “Loving Father thank you for Your written word and the freedom that we have to learn it. Give us the courage to share it with others and the strength to stand up for it. Give us pure hearts so that we can be more like the little children who so honestly spread their love for You. In Jesus name, amen”. In addition to the preaching that my children did that day, they also came in every few minutes to show us a new dance or magic trick. I think we watch a little to much Americas Got Talent.

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