Step Away From The Door


Standing Outside The Door

When I was a little girl my older brother was my hero. Okay so maybe he still is, just don’t tell him that. I always wanted to be his best friend. I felt the safest when I was with him, no matter where we were.

My very favorite memory is when our mom would send us to bed and I would go to his bed instead of mine. We would lay in bed and talk for hours and laugh until we got a scream from my mom telling us to go to sleep. For some odd reason we would tangle our legs together until we fell asleep.

When my brother was getting ready to start school my mom explained to me that I had to start sleeping in my own bed because he was a big boy now and couldn’t have his little sister sleep in his bed anymore.

The first night that i wasn’t allowed to sleep with him, my mom put me to bed and I cried. The next morning when she went to wake my brother up she found me asleep on the floor in front of his door. He knew that I wasn’t allowed to sleep with him anymore so he wouldn’t let me in but I was so desperate to be with him that I sleep in front of his door.

The door was shut for a reason and my brother knew that he wasn’t supposed to open it. I know that he would never admit it but he like having me in there with him. It was fun and it was comforting. I know that it was hard for him to leave the door shut and not let me in but he knew that it was the right thing for both of us.

As time went on it became much easier to sleep in my own bed,even on the nights that my brother would tell me that there were killer monkeys hiding under my bed, waiting for me to turn off the lights so that the could get me. I would flip the light switch off, run as fast as I could toward my bed and jump from as far back as I could to get on my bed. Ahh brotherly love.


Slamming Doors

Come to think of it, I’ve found myself outside of shut doors several times in my life. Many of those times I have been laying on the floor, curled in a ball and crying because I wasn’t allowed back in.

When we moved out of my favorite house I was too young to understand why we had to move. I loved that house and felt safe there. We packed our stuff, loaded it up and then the door shut. Someone else moved in and we weren’t allowed back in.

When I was in middle school my parents got divorced. I remember sitting on the couch when they told us and I cried for what seemed like hours. I didn’t understand why we all couldn’t be together. The papers were signed and it was done. That door was shut and I wasn’t allowed back in.

I can recall many times when I was on the outside of a closed door. At the time that I was standing there facing the door it seemed hopeless. I felt wrong and I was sure that God had gotten it all wrong.

God closes doors in our lives because He knows what is best for us. Even if it hurts us, even if we cry, even if we curl up outside the door and refuse to move, He will close the doors that no longer need to be open.

He hates to see you hurting but He will do what is right for you no matter what.

It’s kind of like when we restrict our children from something that we know is not safe or right for them. They cry and plead with us because it’s what they want but we stand strong in our decision because we are wiser than they are, have been in their position and know what is best for them.

He has walked before us. He has gone before us so that He can pave the path with protection. We can’t stop Him from closing the doors. We can’t stop Him from opening new ones.

Walk Away From The Door

“What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open” Isaiah 22:22.

What we can do is have faith in Him and His plan for us and walk away from the closed door.

It’s harmful to stay in front of that closed door. The longer you stay there staring at it hoping that God will at least crack it for you, you are missing something better. God has that door shut tightly because He is waiting for you to turn around and see what you really need.

Have you ever noticed that once you walk away from the shut door and discover the open one, you look back and can clearly see why God shut it for you?

I have. It’s my favorite part. It’s the part when you breath. It’s the part when you say “oh, okay God. I get it now”.

Are you standing in front of a closed door? Do you refuse to turn around and move forward? There is something that I am sure of. God shut that door for a reason so walk away.

Take your hand off of the knob and let God lead you to the door that He is ready to open for you.

You might be surprised at what is waiting for you.

Let’s pray

“Father thank you for closing doors in our lives when there is no longer a need to have them open.Teach me to keep my eyes opened and focused on You and You alone. When I am stuck in front of a closed door, refusing to walk away, gently put your hands on my shoulders and lead me to the opened door. In Jesus name, amen”.

It turns out that my brother was lying about killer monkey hiding under my bed but I still have to keep the closet door closed in case the killer gremlins come down from the attic and try to attack me in the middle of the night. Wait a second, was my brother lying about that one too!

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